Caldey Illustrates Tyrannosaurus rex

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Our thanks to young artist Caldey who sent into Everything Dinosaur her interpretation of Tyrannosaurus rex that incorporates some of the latest scientific thinking.

Caldey Illustrates Tyrannosaurus rex
Caldey has produced an interpretation of Tyrannosaurus rex based on some of the latest scientific research. Picture credit: Caldey.

Muted Tones and Colours

Caldey has chosen to depict her T. rex in muted tones. Recently, Everything Dinosaur team members were asked to comment on the potential colouration of large, terrestrial, apex predators such as the “King of the Tyrant Lizards”. The consensus reached by the various experts that were consulted, was that large predators might not have had the striking, obtrusively bright colouration and markings that some dinosaur models and figures show.

Although the colouration of models is highly speculative, the darker tones and stripes featured in this drawing work well and contrast with the monochrome vegetation included in the artwork.

Bristles on a Theropod

The row of protofeathers running from the top of the head to the hips is a nice touch, as is the overbite depicted on the tyrannosaur, perhaps a nod to the on-going debate about whether dinosaurs had lips.

A close-up view of a dinosaur illustration
A close-up view of the head of Caldey’s T. rex illustration. The overbite can be seen and in close-up the fine detailing of the scales can be made out. Picture credit: Caldey.

A spokesperson from Everything Dinosaur commented:

“Our thanks to Caldey for sending into Everything Dinosaur another super dinosaur illustration”.

An Earlier Illustration of T. rex
Caldey sent into Everything Dinosaur an illustration of T. rex in November 2020. It is intriguing to see how Caldey’s illustration skills are developing. Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur.

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