Pre-order the New Rebor Carnotaurus and Rebor Ekrixinatosaurus Models

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Pre-order Rebor Carnotaurus and Rebor Ekrixinatosaurus

The Rebor Ekrixinatosaurus “Epitaph” museum class dinosaur model and the Rebor Carnotaurus rex “Crimson King Requiem” plain variant museum class replica are available to pre-order from Everything Dinosaur.  Two fantastic models of Late Cretaceous, South American abelisaurid dinosaurs are available for pre-order.  Both figures are in approximately 1/35th scale and each wonderful replica measures around forty-one centimetres in length.

The Rebor “Crimson King Requiem” Carnotaurus Model is Available for Pre-order

The Rebor Carnotaurus rex "Crimson King Requiem".

The Rebor Carnotaurus rex “Crimson King Requiem” plain variant museum class dinosaur model (right lateral view).

A Requiem for the “Crimson King”

When Everything Dinosaur announced that the original Rebor Carnotaurus model had been withdrawn and was out of production, we promised all those fans of the Rebor range who had joined our waitlist for this replica that we would contact them and offer them an alternative.  This is the figure we had in mind, a magnificent 1:35 scale model of Carnotaurus with such a striking, vibrant colour scheme.  This figure is viewed by Rebor as a replacement for the original Rebor Carnotaurus, hence the name “Crimson King Requiem”.

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The Original Rebor “Crimson King” Carnotaurus (C. sastrei)

Rebor Carnotaurus dinosaur model.

The original Rebor “Crimson King” Carnotaurus dinosaur model, this figure has been retired for some time and it has been effectively replaced by “Crimson King Requiem”.

This figure is expected to be in stock at Everything Dinosaur in the summer, around late June or perhaps July (2021).

A Close-up View of the New for 2021 Rebor Carnotaurus Dinosaur Model

Rebor Carnotaurus rex "Crimson King Requiem".

Carnotaurus rex “Crimson King Requiem” plain variant museum class dinosaur model.  This figure has an articulated lower jaw.

The beautifully detailed head can be seen in the photograph (above) and we can confirm that this model will have an articulated lower jaw.

A Requiem for a Carnotaurus

Rebor Carnotaurus rex "Crimson King Requiem" plain variant museum class model.

The Rebor Carnotaurus rex “Crimson King Requiem” plain variant museum class replica.

Rebor Ekrixinatosaurus “Epitaph” Museum Class Dinosaur Model

The second abelisaurid from Rebor that we have made available for pre-order is the Rebor Ekrixinatosaurus “Epitaph” museum class dinosaur model.  It is ironic that these two figures are available to pre-order today, as March 1st is Saint David’s Day.  Saint David is the patron saint of Wales and the dragon is one of the national symbols of this country.

Stomping into View A Rebor 1:35 Scale Ekrixinatosaurus “Epitaph” Dinosaur Model

The Rebor 1:35 scale Ekrixinatosaurus “Epitaph” dinosaur figure.

The Rebor 1:35 scale Ekrixinatosaurus “Epitaph” dinosaur model.  This model also has an articulated jaw.

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Named and formally described in 2004, the fossilised remains of Ekrixinatosaurus helped palaeontologists to better understand the enigmatic Abelisauridae.  Ekrixinatosaurus (pronounced Ek-riks-in-at-oh-sore-us), is estimated to have measured around 6.5 to perhaps 7.5 metres in length.  It was approximately the same size as Carnotaurus sastrei, hence the models are both in 1/35 th scale and the same size.

The Rebor Ekrixinatosaurus Dinosaur Model

ebor Ekrixinatosaurus “Epitaph” museum class dinosaur model.

The Rebor Ekrixinatosaurus “Epitaph” museum class dinosaur model (right lateral view).

A spokesperson from Everything Dinosaur commented:

“These two South American theropod dinosaurs look fantastic!  We congratulate Rebor for introducing some really exciting dinosaur models.”

Rebor Carnotaurus and Ekrixinatosaurus Available for Pre-order

Both museum quality models are available for pre-order.  Customers can choose which figure they want and then add it to their shopping cart and go through the checkout process as per usual.  However, with Everything Dinosaur, there are no fees to pay, no upfront costs, no surcharges, no deposit required.

That’s right:

  • No fees to pay
  • Zero deposit
  • No upfront costs
  • No surcharges

Just pre-order your model and when they become available (estimated 1st July 2021), you will be contacted and asked to complete your purchase or if you have selected to pay by credit/debit card, only when the figure is in stock will the transaction be completed.

To order these two wonderful new Rebor models: Rebor Dinosaur Models.