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25 04, 2019

Rebor Killer Queen T. rex Models have Poseable Tails

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Rebor Killer Queen T. rex Models have Poseable Tails

The new for spring 2019 Rebor Killer Queen T. rex models have poseable tails.  Everything Dinosaur demonstrates this function in a short video.  In order to showcase the beautifully engineered Rebor Killer Queen 1:35 scale Tyrannosaurus rex replicas, team members have produced a trio of videos highlighting the various articulated parts.  A few days ago, we posted up a short video from our YouTube channel that showed how to use hot air to safely free up the articulated arms on these dinosaurs.  In addition, a second video was shot which focused on the articulated lower jaw.  Today, we conclude our look at these new figures by revealing that the tail is also poseable.

Everything Dinosaur Highlights the Poseable Tail on the Rebor Killer Queen T. rex Dinosaur Model

Video Credit: Everything Dinosaur

Available in Two Colour Variants – “Plain” and “Jungle”

The Killer Queen Rebor replica is available in two colour variants, “plain” and “jungle”.  The “plain” version has more of a browish hue to it, whereas the “jungle” colour variant is dominated by green tones.  Both models have proved to be extremely popular amongst model fans and collectors.  So many of these figures have been sent out, that Everything Dinosaur team members still get confused for a few moments over which model is which.  For example, in this short video highlighting the moveable tail, the model is referred to as the “plain” version, actually it is the “jungle” variant.  Please be assured, all boxes are checked carefully prior to dispatch, after all, we would not want to send out the wrong coloured model to a collector.

The Everything Dinosaur Killer Queen Videos Have Featured the “Jungle” Variant

Rebor Killer Queen "jungle".

The Rebor Killer Queen T. rex dinosaur model – “jungle” colour variant.

Picture Credit: Everything Dinosaur

A Stiffened Rod Carefully Built into the Tail Piece

The tail piece fits securely into the rear of the model and it is this tail piece that contains a flexible, stiff rod that enables the tail to be moved into different positions.  We commend Rebor for their creativity and for designing such a beautifully crafted T. rex figure.  The tail has quite a lot of lateral movement and some degree of movement in the vertical plane as well.  The combination of the poseable arms, the articulated lower jaw and the flexible tail permits collectors and dinosaur model fans to depict Tyrannosaurus rex in a huge variety of poses.  Furthermore, they even have two colour variants to choose from as well.

To read Everything Dinosaur’s comments about the articulated lower jaw and to view a short video demonstrating the jaw movement: Rebor Killer Queen T. rex – Articulated Jaw

For a short article that highlights how to free up the poseable forelimbs safely without damaging the model: Rebor Killer Queen T. rex Adjusting the Arms

To view the range of Rebor prehistoric animal models available from Everything Dinosaur, including the 1:35 scale Rebor Killer Queen “plain” and “jungle” colour variants: Rebor Dinosaur and Prehistoric Animal Models

Look out for further updates on the Rebor range of replicas.

25 04, 2019

Questions and Answers with Year 2

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Dinosaur Themed Questions and Answers

Following a morning of delivering dinosaur and fossil themed workshops with two classes of Year 2 children at Great Wood Primary (Morecambe, Lancashire), the children had prepared some fantastic questions and after packing away his equipment our dinosaur expert was invited into the classroom for a question and answer session.

Prior to his visit, the children had been introduced to the term topic and the teaching team had used the K.W.L. technique to tease out from class what they thought they knew about dinosaurs and what they would like to learn about.  From this group brainstorming session, the children used post-it notes to jot down questions that they would like to put to the visitor from Everything Dinosaur.

An Amazing Collection of Questions Compiled for Everything Dinosaur

Preparing questions prior to a visit from Everything Dinosaur.

Year 2 prepare questions about dinosaurs.

Picture Credit: Everything Dinosaur

K.W.L. Teaching Technique

The K.W.L. acronym stands for what you KNOW, WHAT you would like to know and at the end of the teaching programme – what you have LEARNED.  This teaching method aids teachers and helps them to plan a topic area and to check understanding and learning.  It consists of three phases, firstly, the children brainstorm and say what they think they know about prehistoric animals.  During the brainstorming session, the children will make statements and assertions that provide the teaching team with details as to what the children would like to find out about dinosaurs.  The third part of the technique, which is conducted at the end of the term topic or period of learning, highlights what the children have learned.  This third phase permits the teaching team to check understanding and gives them the opportunity to reinforce leaning if required, for example, if any weak areas are identified.

Posted Up on the Classroom Wall – Lots of Questions About Dinosaurs

Year 2 Children prepare questions for Everything Dinosaur

Questions prepared by Year 2 children for Everything Dinosaur.

Picture Credit: Everything Dinosaur

For further information about Everything Dinosaur’s work in schools including dinosaur workshops with Year 2: Contact Everything Dinosaur/Request a Quotation

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