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17 04, 2019

Rebor Killer Queen T. rex Adjusting the Arms

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Adjusting the Arms on the Rebor Killer Queen T. rex Dinosaur Model

The recently introduced Rebor Killer Queen T. rex dinosaur models are proving to be very popular with collectors and dinosaur model fans.  This Tyrannosaurus rex figure is available in two colour variants (plain and jungle) and several parts of this dinosaur are poseable.  The lower jaw is articulated, the tail contains a flexible rod that enables it to be put into numerous poses and the arms move to.

Everything Dinosaur has created a short, helpful video that explains how to free up the arms on this Rebor replica.  When first unpacked, the forelimbs can be a little stiff and difficult to move.  However, give the joints a few seconds of heat, such as from a hairdryer and collectors will find that the warmed joints become easier to manoeuvre.  The video has been posted up on our Instagram page along with some more pictures and it is up on our YouTube channel as well.

An Easy Way to Adjust the Arms on the Rebor Killer Queen T. rex Dinosaur Model

Video Credit: Everything Dinosaur

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Helpful Videos for Model Collectors and Dinosaur Fans

At Everything Dinosaur, we use our various social media platforms, such as this blog, our Facebook page along with Instagram and our YouTube channel to post up helpful information about prehistoric animals and dinosaur models.  We will also be posting up videos in the near future that demonstrate the articulated jaw on the Rebor Killer Queen and a video that highlights the poseable tail.  We try our best to educate and inform our customers about the various prehistoric animal models and figures that we supply.  However, we can sometimes get our colour variants mixed up, for example, in the video highlighting how to free up the arms we referred to the figure as a “plain” variant, however, eagle-eyed viewers will spot that we were actually using the Rebor Killer Queen “jungle” colour variant in our video shoot.

The Rebor Killer Queen T. rex Dinosaur Models (Plain and Jungle Colour Variants)

Rebor Killer Queen - Plain and Jungle.

The Rebor Killer Queen T. rex is available in two colour schemes (jungle and plain).

Picture Credit: Everything Dinosaur

A Trade Mark for Everything Dinosaur

Eagle-eyed viewers to our various social media platforms will also notice some subtle changes to our themes and layout.  Everything Dinosaur has received a trade mark and our team members are slowly amending all our social media platforms to reflect this.  For example, our header image for the Everything Dinosaur YouTube channel has already been changed.

A New Banner for Everything Dinosaur’s YouTube channel

Everything Dinosaur on YouTube.

The Everything Dinosaur YouTube channel header.  Note the ® symbol which denotes a registered trade mark.

Picture Credit: Everything Dinosaur

Note the ® symbol associated with the Everything Dinosaur logo, Everything Dinosaur is now a registered trade mark (February 2019).

A spokesperson for the UK-based dinosaur company said:

“We try and post up helpful images, advice and videos for our customers.  Our YouTube channel contains a number of model reviews, competitions and helpful tips.  When it comes to the Rebor Killer Queen figures, our simple guide to freeing up the arms should help to prevent any unfortunate accidents.  In addition, we have commenced a programme to update our company visuals to reflect our trade mark status.”

To view the range of Rebor figures and models available from Everything Dinosaur, including both colour variants of the recently introduced Rebor Killer Queen models: Rebor Prehistoric Animal Models and Figures

17 04, 2019

Symbiosis in the Dinosauria

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Symbiosis in the Dinosauria

Some animals alive today relay on the assistance of other animals to help them keep clean and tidy.  Tropical fish on coral reefs deliberately visit areas where “cleaner fish” congregate and they patiently wait whilst these fish clean them and remove dead skin and parasites.  In Africa, the Oxpecker (Buphagus spp.), a type of starling, regularly hitch a ride on the back of a large mammals, such as elephants and pick dead skin and parasites from their host’s hide.  These birds also catch insects disturbed as the large animals move through the scrub and bush.

It is very likely that these sorts of mutually beneficial relationships between different species occurred in the past and with dinosaurs.

A Big, Carnivorous Dinosaur Gets Her Teeth Cleaned

An example of symbiosis in the Dinosauria

Teeth cleaning in the Dinosauria.  Small Theropod dinosaurs clean the teeth of a larger carnivore.

Picture Credit: Sergey Krasovskiy

Symbiosis – Classroom Extension Ideas

Mutually beneficial activities are termed symbiotic relationships by scientists.  In the picture (above), a large Theropod dinosaur is getting its teeth cleaned by a smaller, meat-eating dinosaur.  The large dinosaur benefits from the teeth cleaning as it helps to prevent infections whilst the smaller Theropod is getting a free meal.  Symbiosis is the term used to describe an interaction between two different organisms living in close physical association to the benefit of both.

  • Can your class find examples of mutual co-operation (symbiosis) in the natural world?
  • Can the class consider ways that pupils and staff at the school co-operate together?
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