Rebor Killer Queen T. rex Models Imminent

The eagerly awaited Rebor Killer Queen Tyrannosaurus rex models are due to arrive at Everything Dinosaur in the next few days.  Both versions of the Rebor T. rex are coming into stock, the brown/black-coloured model (plain) and the predominately green-coloured replica (jungle).  This is the second Rebor T. rex pairing after the successful launch of “Vanilla Ice” in the autumn of 2018.

Rebor Killer Queen T. rex Figures (Plain and Jungle) Coming to Everything Dinosaur

Rebor Killer Queen T. rex models.

The Rebor Killer Queen Tyrannosaurus rex dinosaur models (jungle and plain colour variants).

Picture Credit: Everything Dinosaur

A Pair of “Killer Queens”

The Rebor Killer Queen models have articulated lower jaws, moveable forelimbs and a flexible tail so the tail can be posed in various positions.  When these figures arrive, Everything Dinosaur team members will be busying themselves by contacting all those who have reserved figures.  It is likely that these very collectable figures will feature in Everything Dinosaur’s next customer newsletter.

Each Tyrannosaurus rex figure measures approximately 40 centimetres in length.  At the hips, the models measure a fraction under 13 centimetres in height.

New for Spring 2019 The Rebor Killer Queen Tyrannosaurus rex (Plain)

Rebor Killer Queen Tyrannosaurus rex model (plain).

The Rebor Killer Queen T. rex dinosaur model (Plain).

Picture Credit: Everything Dinosaur

Plain or Jungle Colour Variants

Collectors will have the opportunity to pick up two versions of this model.  Tyrannosaurus rex is known from Upper Cretaceous strata from the United States and Canada.  One fossilised footprint from Mexico, suggests that the “King of the Tyrant Lizards” lived in Mexico as well, but no body fossils have confirmed this assertion.  It has been suggested that T. rex was confined to more northern latitudes, even the most southerly portions of Laramidia could not be described as “jungle”, although the palaeoenvironment in the southern portion of Laramidia is regarded as sub-tropical.  T. rex would have been familiar with plains, although analysis of plant fossils indicates that the Hell Creek Formation (Maastrichtian faunal stage), deposits are representative of a riverine dominated system surrounded by forest.

Rebor Killer Queen Tyrannosaurus rex Model (Jungle Colour Variant)

Rebor Killer Queen T. rex dinosaur model.

T. rex Killer Queen (jungle).

Picture Credit: Everything Dinosaur

A spokesperson from Everything Dinosaur stated:

“Congratulations to Rebor for making two more excellent Tyrannosaurus rex models.  The different colour variants provide dinosaur fans and collectors with the opportunity to get two different versions of the same model and we have received lots of emails from customers asking us to reserve figures for them.  As soon as the shipment arrives at our warehouse, we will get the cartons unpacked and checked over as quickly as possible, then it is simply a question of getting the stock on-line and contacting all those people on our priority reserve list.  The Rebor Killer Queen T. rex figures could be stock as early as tomorrow.”

It has recently been confirmed that Everything Dinosaur will be offering both “plain” and “jungle” as a set at a specially discounted price.

Purchase the Pair of Rebor Killer Queen T. rex Models Together (Jungle and Plain)

Buy the Rebor Killer Queen T.rex models as a pair (jungle and plain).

Purchase the Rebor Killer Queen T. rex models as a pair (plain and jungle).

Picture Credit: Everything Dinosaur

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