A Stunning 1:20 Scale Dimetrodon Model

Our thanks to prehistoric animal model fan, Elizabeth, who sent us in this wonderful replica of a Dimetrodon, a reptile that lived many millions of years before the dinosaurs evolved but is often mistaken for a dinosaur.

A Beautiful 1/20th Scale Replica of a Dimetrodon

A Dimetrodon diorama model.

A beautiful diorama featuring a 1:20 scale replica of the bizarre prehistoric animal Dimetrodon.

Picture Credit: Everything Dinosaur

Dimetrodon is not a Dinosaur

Dimetrodon, sometimes referred to as a “sail-backed reptile”, is often included in dinosaur model sets.  However, Dimetrodon was not a dinosaur.  This reptile was a synapsid, a member of a group of reptiles that has a single opening (fenestra) just behind the eye socket in the skull.  Dinosaurs, along with lizards, crocodiles, Aves (birds) and marine reptiles such as the Plesiosauria, were diapsids.  Diapsids have two holes on each side of the skull.  Mammals are also synapsids, so Dimetrodon was ironically more closely related to mammals like us than to the Dinosauria, although the term “mammal-like” reptile that is often applied to this ancient reptile is very misleading and not accurate.

Dimetrodon Lived During the Permian Geological Period, Long Before the First Dinosaurs

A Model of Dimetrodon

The CollectA Dimetrodon figure made into a customised diorama.

Picture Credit: Everything Dinosaur

Our thanks to Elizabeth for sending in to us some photographs of her fabulous Dimetrodon diorama.

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