Everything Dinosaur Adds Sensational Kaiyodo Dinosaurs

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Everything Dinosaur Adds Kaiyodo Dinosaurs

Everything Dinosaur will be adding Kaiyodo dinosaur figures to their model range.  The first of the figures, the limited edition Sofubi Toy Box Tyrannosaurus rex figures will be in stock next month (September).   All three versions of these rare and difficult to obtain articulated T. rex models will be available from Everything Dinosaur including the “smoke green” T. rex and the T. rex “classic colour”.

Everything Dinosaur will be Stocking the Kaiyodo Sofubi Toy Box T. rex Range of Collectables

Sofubi Toy Box T. rex figures available from Everything Dinosaur.
Everything Dinosaur stocks the Kaiyodo Sofubi T. rex dinosaur figures.  Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur.

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur

Kaiyodo Dinosaurs

Back in June, Everything Dinosaur sent a newsletter to the company’s subscribers hinting that these models would be available from the UK-based specialist dinosaur model supplier.  Subscribers were given the opportunity to register their interest and to reserve a figure.  The response has been overwhelming, very few of these models have been produced and they are very difficult to obtain outside of Japan, but these models are shortly to be going on sale at Everything Dinosaur.

For further information on these T. rex collectables and to enquire about reserving a figure email: Contact Everything Dinosaur about Kaiyodo Dinosaurs.

A Close View of the Head and the Jaws of Sofubi Toy Box Tyrannosaurus rex – A

Kaiyodo Sofubi Tyrannosaurus rex (A).
Kaiyodo Sofubi T. rex (A).  One of three articulated T. rex models that Everything Dinosaur has access to.

Rare Collectables

The three T. rex colour variants are T. rex A, T. rex B (smoke green) and the T. rex (classic image colour).  These are rare collectables and difficult to obtain outside of Japan.  Production of these models has been limited and Everything Dinosaur has been able to acquire stocks of all three of these fantastic figures.  Each model measures approximately 29 centimetres in length and they have ten points of articulation.  The articulated joints are neck, upper jaw, ankles, forelimbs, the base of the tail (proximal end) and the end of the tail (distal).  All the figures have been carefully painted and beautifully designed and engineered.

The Three Sofubi Toy Box Tyrannosaurus rex Figures

Sofubi Toy Box T. rex figures and Everything Dinosaur
Everything Dinosaur and the Sofubi Toy Box Tyrannosaurus rex figures.

These models are limited edition collectables and they will have an age restriction on them 15+ (a collectable prehistoric animal figure).

Dinosaur Model Prices

The T. rex (A) and the T. rex (B) – smoke green will be priced at £32.99 plus post and packing.  Whilst the rarer, classic colour Sofubi Toy Box T. rex figure will be priced at £37.99 plus P&P.  A spokesperson from Everything Dinosaur did state that it was likely that all three models would be offered to collectors together as a special offer.  The company has offered similar purchasing opportunities in the past, for example, customers were recently given the opportunity to purchase all three Rebor “War Pig” Ankylosaurus magniventris models together at a special discount.

See the range of dinosaur models available from Everything Dinosaur: Dinosaur Models.

Prices correct as of September 2018.

Thanks to Everything Dinosaur – Collectors Can Get Their Hands on Rare Articulated T. rex Figures 

Sofubi Toy Box T. rex B - smoke green.
Collectors have the opportunity to get their hands on the Sofubi Toy Box T. rex (smoke green).

These fantastic and highly collectable Tyrannosaurus rex figures are expected to be in stock at Everything Dinosaur by the middle of September.

Visit the Everything Dinosaur website: Everything Dinosaur.