New Rebor “Sweeney” Arrives at Everything Dinosaur

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The Rebor “Sweeney” Velociraptor Model Arrives

The latest Rebor replica figure, a 1/18th scale model of a running Velociraptor, nicknamed “Sweeney” has arrived at Everything Dinosaur.  This figure joins the range of Velociraptor figures offered including “Pete”, Spring-heeled Jack”, “Winston” and “Alex Delarge”.

The Latest Rebor “Raptor” The Velociraptor Called “Sweeney”

Rebor Velociraptor "Sweeney"
The Rebor Velociraptor figure “Sweeney”.

A Striped Dromaeosaurid

This 1:18 scale replica of a running Velociraptor has an articulated lower jaw and articulated forelimbs.  The model’s colouration has been inspired by the extant tiger and with its stripes it is a very striking and colourful scale model.

The name “Sweeney” comes from “Sweeney Todd”, a very unsavoury fictional character from Victorian literature, a barber by trade who has a side-line in making pies out of the customers he kills with his cut-throat razor.  The sharp, sickle-shaped killing claw on the second toe of each foot of Velociraptor makes a suitable analogy for “Sweeney Todd’s” razor, however, whether this claw could be used to slash prey is debated.  Many palaeontologists believe that the enlarged toe claw that was held off the ground, could have helped to pin prey down, but it was not used as a slashing weapon, although the tip would have been quite sharp.

A Close View of the Enlarged Second Toe Claw of Velociraptor

The second toe claw of Velociraptor.
As Velociraptor ran the second toe claw was held off the ground.

The picture (above), shows a close-up view of the feet of the running Velociraptor “Sweeney”.  Note the fine detail on the model and the way in which the second toe of each foot is held off the ground as the dinosaur ran.  This would have helped to keep the sickle-toe claw sharp.

The spectacular Rebor Velociraptor figure measures approximately twenty-two and a half centimetres in length. The head height (when perched on its sand texture base), is around eleven centimetres and the base itself, reminiscent of the sandy, desert environment in which Velociraptor mongoliensis lived, measures nine centimetres by four centimetres.

To view the Rebor Velociraptor figure and the rest of the Rebor range of prehistoric animal models: Rebor Replicas/Rebor Prehistoric Animal Figures.

Create Your Own Rebor Velociraptor Pack

The Rebor range now contains a total of seven models of fully-grown Velociraptors in 1:18 scale.  “Sweeney” joins “Alex Delarge”, “Winston”, “Gunn”, “Rose”, “Pete” and “Spring-heeled Jack”, collectors have the opportunity to create their own “Raptor” pack, their very own magnificent seven!

Flocking This Way!  The Rebor New for 2018 Velociraptor Figure “Sweeney”

The stripey Velociraptor figure called "Sweeney" by Rebor.
The Rebor “Sweeney” Velociraptor figure.

A spokesperson from Everything Dinosaur commented:

“It is wonderful to see another dromaeosaurid figure added to the exciting range of models manufactured by Rebor.  “Sweeney” is the last of the Velociraptor figures to be made for the foreseeable future, these 1:18 scale figures have proved extremely popular with discerning model collectors and we expect that “Sweeney” will soon become a firm favourite too.”

The Beautiful Rebor Velociraptor Figure “Sweeney”

The 1:18 scale Rebor Velociraptor figure "Sweeney".
The Rebor range is certainly something to get your teeth into.

Visit the Everything Dinosaur website: Everything Dinosaur.

Rebor and Everything Dinosaur will be announcing more additions to the Rebor range shortly, some of which will not be dinosaurs.  Check out this blog site and Everything Dinosaur on social media for more information.