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19 08, 2018

Helping Out Year 5 with Free Teaching Resources

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Providing Extra Resources for Upper Key Stage 2

Many teachers and teaching assistants are busy planning their forthcoming scheme of work as they prepare for the start of the next academic year.  Recently, Everything Dinosaur was contacted by a Year 5 teacher who was working on lesson plans for the science element of the national curriculum, specifically that part of the topic area that covered evolution, natural selection and Darwinism.  They intended to look at the geology of their local area and explain what life was like in the very distant past.  Around 300 million years ago, the school would have been underwater, covered by a shallow tropical sea that teemed with life.

Everything Dinosaur Exploring Limestone Outcrops

Evidence for this can be found in the numerous limestone outcrops in the area.  The limestone is used as a local building material and the teacher planned to use these resources to help explain about the area’s geological past.

Setting Out to Explore the Local Geology of the Area

Oolitic limestone photographed by Everything Dinosaur.
Fossil shell fragments in the oolitic limestone. Everything Dinosaur.

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur

The picture (above) shows a form of limestone called oolitic limestone.  The term means “egg stone”, as the texture of the rock’s surface resembles fish eggs.  The circular patterns are the remains of ooliths that make up the limestone rock.  Fragments of sea shell, or grains of sand are rolled around on the sea floor and as they move they collect CaCO3 (calcium carbonate).  Concentric layers of this material are formed and it is these that give the rock its characteristic appearance.  The teacher hopes to inspire the Year 5 pupils by showing them the geology on their doorstep.

For models and replicas of prehistoric animals: Prehistoric Animal Models.

The School Would Have Been Underwater Millions of Years Ago

On the cusp of the Phanerozoic.
A marine environment from the early Phanerozoic Eon (Silurian). Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur.

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur

Team members supplied some extra resources and provided advice to help this teacher plan for this very creative topic area.

Visit the company’s website: Everything Dinosaur.

19 08, 2018

A Special Newsletter Dedicated to Rebor

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Lots of Rebor Models Back in Stock at Everything Dinosaur

So many Rebor replicas have come back into stock at Everything Dinosaur, that we dedicated an entire customer newsletter to this popular brand of prehistoric animal figures.  Recently arrived at our warehouse is a “pack” of “raptors”. The Rebor 1/18th scale figures “Winston”, “Pete” and “Alex Delarge” have arrived.  There are enough Velociraptor figures in stock to keep even the most ardent Jurassic Park fan happy.  Also, just in, the new Rebor “Sweeney” Velociraptor figure.

The Rebor Velociraptor Figure “Winston” is Back in Stock at Everything Dinosaur

The Rebor Velociraptor "Winston"
Celebrating the return of “Winston” the original 1:18 scale “Raptor” figure from Rebor. Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur.

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur

Rebor 1:18 Scale Velociraptor Figures

The Velociraptor figure called “Winston” was the first 1:18 scale Velociraptor model to be produced by Rebor, it is great to see this favourite back in stock.  In addition, our latest Rebor shipment contained two other, previously stocked Rebor “raptor” figures, namely, “Pete” and “Alex Delarge”.  The original Velociraptor figure “Winston” was named in honour of Stan Winston, the American film and television special effects creator who worked on the first three films in the Jurassic Park film franchise.

“Alex Delarge” and “Pete” are members of a violent gang (the droogs), in Anthony Burgess’s novel of 1962 “A Clockwork Orange”, which was later made into a film directed by Stanley Kubrick.

The Leaping Velociraptor Figure – Alex Delarge is in Stock

Rebor Alex Delarge is back in stock at Everything Dinosaur.
Rebor Alex Delarge returns to stock. Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur.

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur

Rebor Models – Bigger Theropods and Smaller Theropods

Joining the “Raptors” in Everything Dinosaur’s website is the “Cerberus Clan”, three scale models of the larger dromaeosaurid Deinonychus (D. antirrhopus).  In addition and sharing the billing with the Rebor “Cerberus Clan” is another Velociraptor figure that is back in stock, the popular Velociraptor “Pete”.

The Rebor Deinonychus Figures “Cerberus Clan” and the Rebor 1:18 scale Velociraptor “Pete” Back in Stock at Everything Dinosaur

"Pete" and "Cerberus Clan" from Rebor.
Rebor “Pete” and the “Cerberus Clan” in stock at Everything Dinosaur. Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur.

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur

To view the range of Rebor prehistoric animal figures in stock at Everything Dinosaur, including all the 1:18 scale “raptors”: Rebor Prehistoric Animal Models.

Rebor Carnotaurus “Crimson King” and the Newly Arrived “Sweeney”

As well as the various dromaeosaurids that have arrived, more stocks of the popular 1:35 scale Carnotaurus figure (C. sastrei) have become available too.  Saving the last to the last, Everything Dinosaur has received stocks of the Rebor “Sweeney” Velociraptor model, the last “raptor “for the time being to be introduced by Rebor.

The Rebor “Crimson King” Carnotaurus Replica

Rebor Carnotaurus dinosaur model.
Rebor “Crimson King” Carnotaurus dinosaur model.

Rebor “Sweeney” the Latest 1:18 Scale Velociraptor Figure

Rebor Velociraptor "Sweeney".
“Sweeney” a 1/18th scale Velociraptor figure by Rebor.

A spokesperson from Everything Dinosaur, who had helped unpack all the Rebor replicas at the company’s warehouse stated:

“It is great to see more stocks of Rebor models coming into our warehouse. Collectors are spoilt for choice when it comes to selecting Rebor Velociraptors, there are just so many high quality figures to choose from.  Furthermore, joining the Velociraptors is the Cerberus Clan and the Rebor Carnotaurus figure known as the Crimson King.”

Look out for more updates and information from Everything Dinosaur.  Rebor are planning to introduce some new models before Christmas and as always, Everything Dinosaur team members will be doing their very best to make sure that dinosaur model fans and prehistoric animal figure collectors are kept informed and up to date.

Subscribing to Everything Dinosaur’s Newsletter

Subscribing to the Everything Dinosaur newsletter is very simple and it’s free!  The Everything Dinosaur newsletter provides lots of updates and information on new model releases, company production updates and figure retirements.  We post out these emails from time to time, helping to keep our dedicated and enthusiastic customers informed.

To request a subscription to Everything Dinosaur’s regular newsletter, simply email: Email Everything Dinosaur.

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