Beautiful CollectA Dimorphodon Model Wins Award

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Award Winning CollectA Deluxe Dimorphodon

The CollectA Supreme Deluxe Dimorphodon model has been voted by readers of Prehistoric Times magazine the best non-dinosaur prehistoric animal toy of 2017.  This prestigious award recognises the efforts of CollectA to bring larger models to the market, the Dimorphodon measures nearly forty centimetres in length and as such, provides an accurate scale model of one of the first pterosaurs to be scientifically described.

The Award Winning CollectA Supreme Deluxe Dimorphodon Figure

CollectA Dimorphodon pterosaur model.
The CollectA Dimorphodon model with a movable lower jaw.

The CollectA Dimorphodon and other models in the Deluxe range can be found on Everything Dinosaur’s website here: CollectA Deluxe Prehistoric Life Models.

Dimorphodon – An Early Jurassic Flying Reptile

Dimorphodon was the first pterosaur fossil from the British Isles to be scientifically described. The first specimen was discovered by the world-famous, amateur fossil hunter Mary Anning.  The fossil, which was missing the skull, was found on the Dorset coast in 1828.  Prior to the scientific description of Dimorphodon, only two species of pterosaur had been studied, both of which came from the Solnhofen limestone deposits of southern Germany.

When first described, this flying reptile was named Pterodactylus macronyx.  Pterodactylus was the first flying reptile genus to be erected.  It was later discovered that the Dorset specimens had very different shaped heads compared to those fossils associated with the Pterodactylus genus, a new genus name for the fossil was proposed by the English anatomist Richard Owen (1858).

A Scale Drawing of D. macronyx

Dimorphodon scale drawing.
A scale drawing of Dimorphodon macronyx. Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur.

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur

Long Claws on the Forelimbs

The species name “macronyx” refers to the large claws on the forelimbs.  It has been suggested that this flying reptile favoured inland habitats and it lived in woodland, the long claws would have helped it to scramble up trees.   The long stiff tail may have been involved in flight stability.  The wingspan of D. macronyx was approximately 1.4 metres, about the same size as the wings of today’s Raven (Corvus corax).

The CollectA Supreme Deluxe Dimorphodon Model

CollectA catalogue 2017.
The CollectA 2017 catalogue featured the Dimorphodon model on the front cover. Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur.

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur

A spokesperson from Everything Dinosaur commented:

“We are so pleased for all the team at CollectA.  It is great to hear that their Deluxe Dimorphodon figure has been awarded this accolade.  We look forward to hearing news about what plans the company has for prehistoric animal figures in the future.”

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