Little Leigh Primary Sets Up a Twitter Feed

Everything Dinosaur provided a dinosaur workshop for the Year 1 class at Little Leigh Primary (Cheshire).  Prior to our workshop with the eager, enthusiastic children, we had a short meeting with the class teacher.  Being briefed by the teacher on the learning objectives helps our dinosaur expert to tailor the session to meet the learning needs of the children.  We were informed that the school had recently created their own Twitter feed.  As part of our support for the Little Leigh Primary, we volunteered to take some photographs of the various dinosaur and prehistoric animal displays around the school and then we could “tweet” these pictures to show parents, guardians and grandparents, what the children had been studying.

The Little Leigh Primary Dinosaur Museum

Little Leigh Primary School - Dinosaur Museum.

Everything Dinosaur supports a school’s Twitter feed.

Picture Credit: Little Leigh Primary/Everything Dinosaur

Involving Parents, Grandparents and Guardians

By posting up information about the children’s activities on Twitter, mums, dads, guardians, carers and grandparents can gain almost instant access to the children’s work and see what their charges have been up to throughout the day.  Using social media in this way can help parents, grandparents, guardians and so forth to feel involved and to help them stay connected to the school.  We “tweeted” a picture of the dinosaur museum that had been created in the Year 1 classroom.   The dinosaur museum area will provide an excellent facility, enabling lots of topic work to be displayed.

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