Classes 1EN and 1B Learn About Dinosaurs

Children in Year 1 at Green End Primary (Manchester), have embarked on a new topic for the rest of the Spring Term.  They are learning all about dinosaurs and fossils.  The eager young palaeontologists have already conducted some dinosaur themed research, learning about herbivores such as Brontosaurus, Diplodocus and Stegosaurus.  The children in classes 1EN and 1B have produced fact sheets all about the dinosaurs they have been studying.

Year 1 Children Write Fact Sheets About Plant-eating Dinosaurs

Facts About Stegosaurus

Stegosaurus facts.

Picture Credit: Green End Primary/Everything Dinosaur

Some carnivorous dinosaurs have been studied too.  The teaching team are using different types of dinosaur to help support the children’s learning when it comes to considering simple food chains.

As part of a provocation to help enthuse the two classes, Everything Dinosaur was invited into the school to lead two dinosaur and fossil themed workshops, one for each of the classes.  These workshops were held in the superbly appointed communications room.  The children are really lucky to have such a well-resourced school.

The Communications Room Became a “Dino Den” for the Morning

Green End Primary Communications Room.

The beautifully appointed communications room at Green End Primary.

Picture Credit: Green End Primary/Everything Dinosaur

Dinosaur Displays

The spacious classrooms already contained some wonderful dinosaur themed displays and plenty of evidence of the creative approach of the teaching team to this particular scheme of work.  It seems that the teachers, ably supported by the teaching assistants and learning support have designed a challenging scheme of work that appeals to a wide variety of learning styles.

A Dinosaur Display in a Year 1 Classroom at Green End Primary

A dinosaur display in a Year 1 classroom.

A dinosaur themed display in a Year 1 classroom at Green End Primary.

Picture Credit: Green End Primary/Everything Dinosaur

The children will be learning all about the famous, British fossil hunter Mary Anning, our dinosaur expert ensured that Mary Anning was introduced during the dinosaur and fossil workshops.  In addition, we set the classes a number of challenges in the form of extension activities.  One of the teachers promised to send into our offices a picture of some of the children’s work to demonstrate how enthusiastically the children had responded to the morning of dinosaur themed workshops that we had conducted.

We are looking forward to seeing the children’s work.

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