September 2014 New Term, New Curriculum

The new curriculum for England starts this week and Everything Dinosaur team members would like to wish all the teachers, learning support providers and administration staff every success with the curriculum which has been described by the Prime Minister as “tough and rigorous”.  Our focus remains on providing assistance and support to schools, especially those state funded institutions that are rolling out the new schemes of work.

A Teaching Website

The launch of Everything Dinosaur’s new teaching website is timely and apposite, the new website is aimed at supporting teaching work and our experts have produced a website that provides free downloadable dinosaur and fossil themed teaching resources, lesson plan guides, links to teaching aids, helpful articles plus hints and tips on science teaching from Early Years up to Key Stage 4 (evolution and genetics).

A Brand New Curriculum – A Brand New Teaching Website

Everything Dinosaur dinosaur themed educational resources.

Teaching tips, articles, resources and free downloads.

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur

New Curriculum

A spokesperson for the company stated:

“The new curriculum for England places a focus on working scientifically and building up scientific knowledge.  With fossils, evolution and climate change in the curriculum, there are lots of opportunities to utilise the free teaching resources and Everything Dinosaur’s highly respected workshops in schools.”

The company intends to add more downloads to its current portfolio, as well as providing fact sheets, art materials and other items all with a prehistoric theme.  A number of downloads have already been requested and Everything Dinosaur team members have been fielding enquiries from as far away as California.

The spokesperson went onto add:

“One of the problems teachers face is having to rely on general education websites and resource providers who lack the up-to-date subject knowledge related to palaeontology.  As we are specialists in this area, Everything Dinosaur can provide more accurate information and tailor made teaching resources in support of those curriculum areas that involve rocks, fossils, habitats, life on Earth, genetics, evolution and of course, dinosaurs.”

 Inaccurate Information Being Provided to Schools

Triceratops mistakes!

Triceratops? Not very good quality teaching resources.

Inaccurate Teaching Resources

The picture above shows a typically inaccurate teaching resource used in Key Stage 1 and 2.  The dinosaur is not a Triceratops, team members at Everything Dinosaur are not sure whether the image represents a member of the Dinosauria.  Inadvertent use of such inaccurate teaching resources could confuse and mislead pupils.

Visit Everything Dinosaur’s website: Visit Everything Dinosaur.

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