Everything Dinosaur Reviews the Schleich Styracosaurus Dinosaur Model

The second new dinosaur model to be introduced by Schleich into their World of History/Prehistoric Animals series this year, is a colourful model of a Styracosaurus.  After reviewing the Schleich Carnotaurus earlier in the month, it seemed only fair that we give this flamboyant spiky dinosaur, an excellent example of a horned dinosaur figure, some time in the spotlight.

Everything Dinosaur team members have produced a brief video review of the Schleich Styracosaurus dinosaur model.

Schleich Styracosaurus dinosaur model

Everything Dinosaur’s Review of the Schleich Styracosaurus Dinosaur Model

Everything Dinosaur reviews the Schleich Styracosaurus dinosaur model.

Video credit: Everything Dinosaur

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A Member of the Centrosaurinae

In this brief video review (5 minutes and 36 seconds) we discuss the merits of this herbivorous dinosaur replica and look at the spectacular eye-spots that the design team at Schleich have decided to give their Styracosaurus.  2013 marks the centenary of the naming and describing of this member of the increasingly diverse centrosaurine.  It seems apt for Schleich to introduce a model of this dinosaur to mark the 100th anniversary of the naming of Styracosaurus.

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