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We are certainly a niche business, there are not many companies that are run by enthusiastic dinosaur fans and fossil collectors.  Our love of all things dinosaur has helped team members at Everything Dinosaur win business all over the world.  Team members have assisted with events and dinosaur themed exhibitions in a number of countries, in fact we have just started to supply an exciting dinosaur fossil excavation based event in Istanbul (Turkey).  Dinosaurs are really universal in terms of their popularity.  This particular event will be touring a number of countries, including Romania, so Everything Dinosaur has sent out some dinosaur goodies to Romania as well.

Everything Dinosaur

Everything Dinosaur Despatching Parcels

Dinosaur parcels being loaded at Everything Dinosaur.

Off to the airport, Everything Dinosaur exports to the rest of the world.

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur

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Romania has provided some exciting dinosaur discoveries in recent years, most notably from the Hateg Formation (Transylvania).  This Upper Cretaceous strata represents an island, part of an series of islands that made up what was to become Europe (sea levels were quite high during the Late Cretaceous).  There is debate as to just how big the island of Hateg was, with size estimates ranging from between 3,000 square miles (about the size of Crete today), to 77,000 square miles (fractionally smaller than the landmass of England, Scotland and Wales combined).  One thing is for sure, the dinosaur fossils found are unique to this part of the world, they include a dwarf sauropod – Magyarosaurus, ceratopsids and the bizarre dromaeosaur (possibly a giant, prehistoric world), known as Balaur bondoc.

To read more about the prehistoric animals of the Hateg Formation: Dwarf Dinosaurs on “Dinosaur Island”.

We are not sure what dinosaurs have been discovered in Turkey, we suspect there must be some.  Certainly, there have been a number of Pleistocene and Pliocene prehistoric mammal discoveries but no dinosaurs spring to mind.

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