Rare Woolly Rhino Makes its Debut

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Bullyland Prehistoric World Woolly Rhino Available from Everything Dinosaur

Everything Dinosaur has been able to secure a limited stock of the Bullyland Woolly Rhinoceros model that once featured in the German company’s “Prehistoric World” model range.

The hand-painted Woolly Rhino was requested by a European natural history museum for an exhibition.  The model itself had been retired from Bullyland’s replica range for nearly five years but a small production run using the original moulds was set up and Everything Dinosaur was able to negotiate access to part of this stock.

The Bullyland Prehistoric World Woolly Rhinoceros

Woolly Rhino model back from extinction.

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur

Bullyland Woolly Rhinoceros

A number of prehistoric animal models have been re-cast by Bullyland to support their museum customer.  This Woolly Rhino joins a Mastodon, Ancient Horse (Anchitherium), a Giant Elk (Megaloceros), Chalicotherium, Deinotherium, a Terror Bird (Diatryma) and the giant predator Andrewsarchus.

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Quick Tipthe rare models can be found by scrolling through the Bullyland collection.

This is a lovely example of a Coelodonta antiquitatis, interestingly this German model depicts the Woolly Rhino as somewhat more “Woolly” than the model produced under the direction of the Natural History Museum.  This can be explained by the fact that there were many species and sub-species of Coelodonta.  The animals were widespread in Asia and Europe and may have survived until very recently.  Scientists believe that the last of these type of Rhinos died out only about 10,000 years ago.

Natural History Museum (London) Woolly Rhino

Ice Age Rhinoceros.

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur

Up until recently, it was not known where these animals first originated from.  However, recent fossil discoveries from Tibet suggest that this icon of the Ice Age evolved in that part of the world.

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