Start of the Autumn Term – Dinosaur Topics

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Back to School with Dinosaurs

Not much of a Summer in terms of the weather and before you know it the school holidays are over and its back to school for the Autumn term.  Team members at Everything Dinosaur have been busy preparing for school visits that are going to be taking place in the next six weeks as it seems that more primary schools than ever are looking to provide a term topic based around dinosaurs and other prehistoric creatures.

Everything Dinosaur

True to form, we have dealt with every enquiry, advised, supplied and supported all we can.  One dedicated team member even managed to assist one Year 1 teacher over the phone in between dinosaur shows that he was conducting at a museum, talk about multi-tasking!  All in a day’s work as we prepare our dinosaur workshops.

Back to School with Dinosaurs

Autumn term teaching activities from Everything Dinosaur.

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur

As well as exploring deep time using tactile fossil handling sessions, Everything Dinosaur team members are building on their recent work and involvement with the BBC “Planet Dinosaur” project to produce an informative and instructive workshop that tells the story of the discovery of Spinosaurus and compares this huge theropod with Tyrannosaurus rex.  Ensuring that different learning styles are catered for, that the aims and objectives of the science element of the National Curriculum are being met, these are all part of a day’s work for our trained teachers and palaeontologists.  This new workshop is tentatively titled “Battle of the Killer Giants” with the strapline – everything you wanted to know about killer dinosaurs but were afraid to ask.  Should be up on the STEM Directory (science, teaching, engineering and maths in schools) website shortly.

STEM Directories

The aim of the STEM Directories is to connect teachers with the wide range of activities in the UK that can help enhance their teaching in science, engineering and maths.  The project is maintained and managed by a consortium comprising of a number of Government organisations and is supported by the Department for Education.

Everything Dinosaur has a strong presence in the STEM Directory, just visit the STEM website and in the search field at the top of the page (right hand side as you look), type in the search phrase “Everything Dinosaur”.

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