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13 09, 2012

Trophy Hunters may have Shot Australian Crocodile

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Body of Saltwater Crocodile Found – Shot by Trophy Hunters?

Government environmental officers in the town of Broome (Kimberley region, Western Australia), are examining the carcase of a four metre long crocodile found at a popular, local fishing spot known as Crab Creek.  Saltwater crocodiles are relatively common in the area but to find the corpse of an animal is quite rare, especially one where most of the teeth have been removed.

The officials suspect that the animal, which had been shot, was killed by trophy hunters eager to grab crocodile teeth as they make “crocodile Dundee-like” hat bands and necklaces.

The decomposing body was discovered a couple of days ago and an examination of the skull showed that the reptile had been shot in the head with a high-powered rifle.

A district wildlife officer commented:

“With this animal we found the teeth had been removed, people like to keep teeth for necklaces or trophies so that could have been the motive.”

In Western Australia it is an offence to kill a crocodile, there is a $10,000 AUD fine for anyone caught and there are additional penalties for anyone taking parts of a carcase – including the teeth.

If the bullet is found it will be removed and studied as part of the investigation.

13 09, 2012

Update on Papo Brachiosaurus

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Papo Dinosaur Model Delayed 

The Papo Brachiosaurus dinosaur model has been delayed once more.  The model, the largest dinosaur model that the French manufacturer has attempted to date was due to be launched in July of this year, but it has been subjected to a number of delays.  Everything Dinosaur team members had been assured by Papo that their shipment would be with them perhaps late September or at worst early October, however, there has been more slippage in the schedule.

Stocks are not expected in until sometime in October, perhaps towards the end of the month, although a more precise date could not be obtained.

A spokesman for Everything Dinosaur commented:

“We are disappointed to hear this news, but hopefully we will have stocks very soon.  We apologise to all our customers who have reserved a model with us, we have been told that we are amongst the first organisations to get this super-sized Sauropod replica.”

Everything Dinosaur will continue to monitor the situation and as soon as we have more news…

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