A Review of the Bullyland Prehistoric Life Woolly Rhinoceros Model

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Bullyland Woolly Rhino Model Reviewed

Prehistoric animal and dinosaur model collectors and enthusiasts can now add a Woolly Rhino replica to their prehistoric animal model collections.  Bullyland of Germany, the highly respected figure and model manufacturer, have re-introduced, for a limited period only, a number of long-retired, prehistoric animal models from their “Prehistoric World” series.

The “Prehistoric Life” Woolly Rhinoceros Model

Model code 58350 – Woolly Rhino.

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur

Woolly Rhino Replica

This series contained a number of models and figures including a range of early humans.  The majority of the series consisted of scale replicas of Ice Age mammals and other prehistoric animals that lived after the dinosaurs became extinct. The Woolly Rhino was one of the larger models in the series, measuring sixteen centimetres from its broad muzzle down to the tip of its stubby, short tail.  The model stands over six centimetres high, it measures a little over six centimetres at the shoulder.  The range was originally stated as being in 1:24 scale, however, with size estimates of Woolly Rhinos, based on fossilised bones ranging up to five metres in length, this particular figure is more like a 1:30 scale replica depending on the species represented.

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Woolly Rhino genera were extremely widespread during the Pleistocene Epoch.  The earliest fossils of this type of rhinoceros have been found in the mountainous country of Tibet.  From its Asian base the Woolly Rhino spread westwards and fossils of this type of prehistoric mammal have been found all over Europe, although no fossils have yet to be found in Ireland.  The last Woolly Rhinos lived in Siberia, they survived up to around 10,000 years ago, when like a lot of other mega fauna, cave lions, mammoths and so on they finally became extinct.  It is likely that these large animals were unable to adapt quickly enough to the rapidly changing climate at the end of the last Ice Age.

The Bullyland Replica

The Bullyland replica represents a Woolly Rhino with two horns (Coelodonta antiquitatis), a species that thrived in western Europe during the last Ice Age.  The horn over the snout is much larger than the horn which was located over the eyes.  The model shows this larger horn slightly curved, this reflects scientific evidence that suggests that this horn was used by the animal to brush and clear away snow so that it could reach the sedges and grasses upon which it fed.

The Woolly Rhino model is well painted, the details on the long, shaggy coat are picked out and the ears are pricked forwards as if this beast is listening for the approach of a potential predator.  The model gives this rhinoceros a stocky appearance, due to its short legs, it has small ears and a dumpy, short tail, all evolutionary adaptations for life in a harsh, cold climate.

A Close up of the Bullyland Woolly Rhino

Ice Age Rhinoceros.

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur

This model will be a popular addition to the prehistoric mammal models collected by dinosaur enthusiasts and model collectors.