Important Breaking News from Papo (Papo Brachiosaurus Model)

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Papo Brachiosaurus Arriving Shortly

The long awaited Brachiosaurus dinosaur model from Papo, is due to arrive at Everything Dinosaur by late September.  According to the latest manifest, our stock, some of the first in the world to be released, is due to be shipped to us by the end of the month.  With customs and other delays the delivery could actually be in the first week of October but either way, stocks of this eagerly anticipated model will be with us in plenty of time for Christmas.

New Papo Brachiosaurus Due to Arrive Soon

Papo’s biggest bver dinosaur model.

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur

Brachiosaurus Dinosaur Model

The model measures 40 cm in length, it stands 31.5 cm tall and it is 11.5 cm wide.  It was due to be launched in the Summer but there have been a number of delays.  Although there has been a great deal of scientific research carried out on brachiosaur fossil material over the last few years (remembering the Giraffatitan/Brachiosaurus debate), species such as B. altithorax are estimated to be up to 22-25 metres in length.  Based on this data, this would give the new Papo model an approximate scale of 1:55, for example, one centimetre on the model equals 55 centimetres on the actual dinosaur.  This replica represents the largest dinosaur model ever attempted by the French manufacturer.

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