Review of New Prehistoric Times (Issue 94)

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Review of Prehistoric Times Magazine (Summer edition)

The eagerly awaited next edition of the quarterly magazine Prehistoric Times arrived late last week, sent over from the United States as promptly as ever.  Prehistoric Times is the magazine for dinosaur enthusiasts and model collectors.  Once again this Summer edition does not disappoint, we loved the front cover artwork depicting two time travellers coming face to face with a tyrannosaur in some ancient, primeval jungle.  The artist Mark Rehkopf produced this illustration especially for the magazine and there is an interview with Mark and a showcase of some of his work on the inside pages.

The Specially Commissioned Artwork for Prehistoric Times

Summer edition.

Picture credit: Mark Rehkopf/Mike Fredericks

The featured prehistoric animals this quarter are therizinosaurs (a special on Scythe Lizards) plus an article on amazing pterosaurs and an update on Megalodon facts and fallacies.  Once again there are lots of examples of reader’s artwork featured and a really fascinating article written by the excellent Tracy Lee Ford on swimming psittacosaurs.  Great to see a review and some super pictures of the Museum of Ancient Life in Utah (we really must send in some pics and information on the museums we work with).  Also, in the book review section there is an unbiased and informative review on the new Horned Dinosaurs book – “New Perspectives on Horned Dinosaurs: The Royal Tyrrell Museum Ceratopsian Symposium”, a definitive study of horned dinosaurs (not withstanding the current controversy over T.  latus and T. horridus.

All in all a super magazine and well worth the subscription.

To visit the Prehistoric Times website: Prehistoric Times.