Dinosaurs Unleashed at the Bournemouth International Centre

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Dinosaurs Unleashed Visits the Jurassic Coast

Dinosaurs Unleashed – the unique dinosaur experience is visiting the Jurassic coast of Dorset for the Summer holidays.  The Purbeck Hall at the Bournemouth International Centre (BIC) is the venue for this dinosaur themed family attraction featuring a huge 30 metre-long Diplodocus and a host of other life size prehistoric monsters.

A total of twenty-two animatronic dinosaurs will be at the exhibition, very appropriate to have the likes of a huge, fearsome Megalosaurus, a vicious Jurassic carnivore and the enormous Diplodocus also from the Jurassic at Bournemouth – on the Jurassic coast.  Visitors will get the chance to get up close to the huge, robotic dinosaurs and to explore the prehistoric aquarium that depicts life 160 million years ago up the road in the Lyme Regis area.  Take time out to see ammonites, ichthyosaurs and a giant Liopleurodon swimming by on the hunt for plesiosaurs in the computer generated attraction.

Dinosaurs Unleashed

Some of the Everything Dinosaur team members had the opportunity to visit the Dinosaurs Unleashed exhibition in London before it was opened to the public.  The early start was well worth it as the enormous animatronic models were spectacular.

The Tyrannosaurus rex at London (Oxford Street)

T. rex on display. Dinosaurs Unleashed.

Ferocious T. rex on display.

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur

Lovely to see that as well as dinosaurs such as Plateosaurus, Ornitholestes, Iguanodon and Othnelia (some of the more unusual models) there is the chance to see the fantastic model of Placerias (the huge Triassic dicynodont that lived alongside the first of the dinosaurs).

Look out for the fearsome Deinosuchus (huge crocodile), one false move and you could well end up as his dinner.  Watch your step or the mob of feathered Velociraptors could ambush you.

A series of Dreamoc 3-D displays provide a holographic-like, free floating video narrative, hosted by the famous wildlife expert Chris Packham, this information as well as the plentiful display boards permits mums and dads to keep one step ahead of all the young dinosaur experts who we know will be swishing their tails with excitement at the thought of visiting the BIC and the Dinosaurs Unleashed exhibition.

A truly interactive experience, the next generation of young palaeontologists can get amongst the fossils as they unearth their own dinosaur.  Leading computer technology enables visitors to create their own colourful dinosaur, there are quizzes and puzzles galore aimed at young children from 3 years and upwards.

Regular presentations from trained professionals will be taking place throughout the holidays, allowing visitors to gain an insight into the amazing world of dinosaurs and other prehistoric animals from the Mesozoic.

This fun and highly interactive exhibition runs from Saturday July 17th until September 5th and it is open from 10am each day.

For further information and tickets about dinosaur events, check out the Everything Dinosaur blog.

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