Surrounded by Baby Frogs

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Baby Frogs Leave the Office Pond

Over the last few days, we have been watching the exodus of baby frogs from the office pond.  If any of the Everything Dinosaur team members have been out in the back yard, behind the office, we have had to keep a careful look out for baby frogs.  We have been able to watch as many as nine at time venture out onto land, leaving the relative safety of the office pond.

These tiny creatures have no real defence against their many predators, their only real hope is to rely on their excellent camouflage.  If they are disturbed they can hop (a surprisingly long distance for such a small animal), but they would soon get caught by a sharp eyed blackbird or similar predator.

We have thought about undertaking a survey to see how many frogs we can find in the office yard and surrounding area, this might give us an idea of the fluctuating numbers of amphibians year on year.  Perhaps we could do this next spring to see if the resurrection of the pond in the yard is helping.

In the meantime, we shall keep a look out for any baby frogs making sure we don’t tread on any accidentally.