Better Fortune for Dinosaur Hunting by Boat Crew

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Better Weather and Calmer Water Ahead for Scow Crew

The crew of the scow, the “Peter C. Kaisen”, after a difficult start to their epic voyage can look forward to better river rafting conditions over the next few days.  According to Darren Tanke (expedition leader), the weather is improving and the scow has been transported to a part of the Red Deer river with fewer rapids.

Dinosaur Hunting by Boat

The latest update from the dinosaur hunting by boat web log reads:

“Morning of July 2 here now.  We got the scow pulled off the big rock, [the vessel had been stuck on a submerged rock and the scow had to be lifted off and transported to a safer part of the river].  It was a tricky lift for the crane crew but they got the job done.  We drove east and are now at Content Bridge where highway 21 crosses the Red Deer.

Here and below, the river is very placid without rapids and moves at about walking speed so will be less technically challenging.  We will be going to Dry Island Buffalo Jump Provincial Park over the next two days.  Mosquitoes dreadful here.  Nice and sunny and looks like a great day for a float.

With luck we may be able to get some pictures of the crew as they continue in the footsteps of the 1910 Barnum Brown dinosaur hunting expedition.

We at Everything Dinosaur are all keeping our fingers crossed hoping that they do not encounter too many more problems.

Spectacular Scenary

The scenary in Alberta is truly spectacular, it is also very varied, not surprising really when one considers the size of the province.  The Rockies are truly amazing but having worked in the fossiliferous strata of the Drumheller area for me, it is the amazing “moonscape-like” landscape that was most inspiring.

The Spectacular Scenary of Alberta

A view of the Alberta Badlands - dinosaur hunting by boat.

A view of the Alberta Badlands – dinosaur hunting by boat. Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur.

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur

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