A Fossil Casting we will Go – An Exclusive Everything Dinosaur Event

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Start of Everything Dinosaur’s Summer Fossil Casting Activities

Today, Monday 26th July, is the start of the school holidays for most children in the United Kingdom.  For us at Everything Dinosaur, we are about to go into one of our busiest periods of the year.  As well as being involved with lots of different dinosaur tours and events over the Summer vacation period, we are also running a series of special fossil handling and fossil casting seminars for children over the course of the school holidays.

Fossil Casting

We have been putting together a number of our fossils and dinosaur casts and they are packed into one of our vehicles ready for the drive to a council run leisure centre where the first of our sold out sessions is being run.  We are all looking forward to meeting the keen and enthusiastic dinosaur fans.  Using specially prepared latex moulds we are intending to give each participant the chance to cast their own museum quality replica of various dinosaur and prehistoric animal replicas, items such as teeth, claws, ammonite shells, brachiopods and such like.  No doubt our experts will be put on the spot and asked lots of challenging and difficult questions, we don’t get stumped very often but it does happen.

A Successful Fossil Casting Activity

Completed fossil casts. A successful fossil casting activity.

The completed fossil casts produced by visitors to The Beacon Museum (Whitehaven) who participated in Everything Dinosaur’s workshops. Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur.

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur

We have created a special dinosaur themed activity to help burn up some of the energy of these young dinosaur fans, we can run this activity whilst we are waiting for the casts to set.  It is always an exciting moment and a little nerve racking when it comes to turning out, hopefully everything will go well.  Due to our policy on photographs we don’t normally take pictures which is such a shame, but we know the mums and dads who remember to bring their cameras or phones are glad they did, especially when the children see some of the huge fossils that we bring along to show them.

All in all, an exciting and interesting day ahead for us.

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