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2 07, 2010

Update on the Dinosaur Hunting by Boat Expedition

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Dangerous Water Threatens Scow, Red Deer River proving Difficult to Tame

The brave and hardy adventurers aboard the scow (flat-bottomed river vessel) called the Peter C. Kaisen have encountered more difficulties during their voyage to re-create the dinosaur hunting by boat expedition led by Barnum Brown in 1910.

Dinosaur Hunting by Boat

The latest update from the Dinosaur Hunting by Boat web log reads:

“Another frustrating couple days.  We had Perry come and fix the scow best he could until thundershowers intervened.  After the repairs were done we went to leave and discovered we were high centred on a big rock, no amount of pushing would help.  We could spin the scow around, but not off the rock.  Hours of work and we gained 6 inches. That rock, and our obvious inexperience on this faster stretch of river (leading to the previous accidents) forces me to pull the scow out and move it downstream to a section of river with no big rocks and a gentler gradient and more placid water.  I feel it is simply too dangerous for us rookies to attempt it alone.  It looks easy when you look at the river but once you are on it it is a different story.  Later today, Dan’s Oilfield Service and others will come to our rescue and drag us up the bank or lift us out of the river and take us downstream to Content Bridge where highway 21 crosses the Red Deer River.

The 2010 expedition leader, Darren Tanke is still having problems uploading images, but we are keeping our fingers crossed for him and the rest of the team, so far at least their expedition has been very eventful.

For models and replicas representing prehistoric creatures from the Late Cretaceous of Canada: Prehistoric Animal Models and Figures.

2 07, 2010

China’s Largest Dinosaur Themed Amusement Park Opens

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Dino Theme Park Makes its Debut

China’s largest dinosaur themed amusement park – Dino Theme Park opened yesterday in Beijing (China).  The exhibition which includes many of the most important fossils to be discovered to date in China covers approximately 25,000 square metres and is just a flying reptile’s wing beat away from the Birds Nest stadium which was the centre of the Beijing Olympics in 2008.

Dinosaur Themed Amusement Park

The majority of the casts and replicas have been supplied by the nearby Institute of Vertebrate Palaeontology and Palaeoanthropology which is believed to have something like 220,000 fossil specimens in its catalogue.

We Suspect a Stegosaurus or Two will be on Display

"Sophie" the Stegosaurus on display. Look out for the Thagomizer!

A posterior view of the spectacular “Sophie” the Stegosaurus (S. stenops) exhibit at the London Natural History Museum.  A Stegosaurus fossil skeleton on display.  Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur.

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur

Wang Xiangyuan, the curator of the Palaeozoological Museum of China introduces the dinosaur fossils on display at the dinosaur amusement park.

According to the official publicity for this exhibition, Dino Theme Park aims to provide zero distance contact with the dinosaurs for both children and adults.  The organisers claim that “the giant simulation of dinosaurs and fossil restoration laboratories are dizzying”.

The amusement park has three main exhibition halls namely the “Return to Jurassic”, the “Ice Age Site”, and an “Exploration into the Scientific World of Dinosaurs”.

In the dinosaur inhabited artificial forest of the “Return to Jurassic”, visitors are guaranteed to experience a real time journey back to the Jurassic age with hi-tech sound and visual effects.

While in the “Ice Age Site”, giant models of extinct animals like Smilodon and Woolly Mammoth still roam about the exhibition hall to remind people of the Ice Ages.

A Replica of a Smilodon

Rebor Smilodon Stray Cat (plain colour scheme)

The Rebor Smilodon populator Stray Cat in the “plain” colour scheme shown in lateral view with the mouth open. Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur.

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur

The Smilodon replica (above) is from the Rebor range of replicas: Rebor Prehistoric Animal Replicas.

Exploration into the Scientific World of Dinosaurs

During the “Exploration into the Scientific World of Dinosaurs”, a treasured collection of dinosaur fossils are on exhibit.

Commentators have stated that this is the first time the very rare and valuable fossils from Chinese premier palaeontological research institute have been exhibited outside the museum.  In addition, the park will set up a special section for the live show of how to repair the dinosaur fossils.  Professionals from the museum will explain to visitors the process of fossil restoration.

The park is also equipped with a 3-D cinema in which two dinosaur-featured movies imported from the United States will be on show.

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