Safari Prehistoric Mammal Models

It was with some sadness that we heard that a number of the Prehistoric Life series of models manufactured by Safari of the United States were to be retired.  We were informed sometime late last year, and we were particularly saddened to see the demise of the Doedicurus model, otherwise known as “Pestle Tail” because of the bizarre, medieval club on the end of this prehistoric mammal’s armoured tail  This model was to stop being made.

An Illustration of the Glyptodontidae Doedicurus clavicaudatus

An illustration of Doedicurus.  Prehistoric life models.

Bizarre armoured giant with a furry underside, a shell on top and a bony tail often with a club on the end.

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur

Prehistoric Life Models

The Prehistoric Life series of models featured a number of Cenozoic prehistoric mammals, the well-known ones such as a Smilodon and a Woolly Mammoth but also some more unusual models, that are not normally seen in other collections.  The hand-painted, scale replicas (we think 1:20 scale), were not as famous as the Carnegie Dinosaur model series also manufactured by Safari but they were fine quality models in their own right.

It is a shame to see the likes of Doedicurus retired, however, the Wild Safari Dinos and Prehistoric Life model range remains an excellent model series.

To view the current range of Safari/Carnegie models including dinosaur models: Safari Ltd. Wild Safari Prehistoric World.

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