No Updates from the Dinosaur Hunting by Boat Expedition

Sunday, July 4th and no update available from the Dinosaur Hunting by Boat web log.  This plucky group of modern-day adventurers led by Darren Tanke of the Royal Tyrrell Museum (Alberta, Canada), were attempting to re-create the famous expeditions of Barnum Brown and the American Museum of Natural History that took place one hundred  years ago.

The team had built a special, flat-bottomed vessel that was designed to replicate the boat used by Barnum Brown and his expedition to explore the Red Deer River for signs of dinosaur fossils.  The voyagers had run into difficulties on the first leg of their epic trip, and after several mishaps they were forced to abandon the first stretch of water and move to a different part of the river system, in a bid to find calmer conditions.  Plagued by mosquitoes and with the ever present fear of becoming stranded on submerged rocks we hope everyone is OK.

We will continue to monitor the situation and post updates as and when we can.

We are keeping our fingers crossed for you guys!

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