Exclusive 2009 Prehistoric Animal Calendar Available from Everything Dinosaur

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2009 Calendar Exclusive to Everything Dinosaur

A 2009 Dinosaur calendar featuring scientific illustrations and prehistoric animal  facts produced by Everything Dinosaur in association with American illustrator Mike Fredericks is now available from Everything Dinosaur.

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Palaeontologists do not know what colour dinosaurs were, so young palaeontologists can use their imaginations and show us what dinosaurs and other prehistoric animals looked like.  Using the scientific drawings in this calendar you can colour them in and bring them back to life!

A number of recent dinosaur discoveries are featured in the calendar, animals such as Bambiraptor and Dracorex, rubbing shoulders with old favourites such as Tyrannosaurus rex and Liopleurodon.  We have even included a special “Spot the Dinosaurs” quiz with links to this blog so that young dinosaur fans can hunt down the answers.

An Illustration of the 2009 Calendar

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur

This makes a clever and inspirational Christmas gift.