Wonderful Positive Feedback from Everything Dinosaur Customers

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High Google Shopping Rating 4.9 out of 5 for Everything Dinosaur

Keeping customers happy is very important to the team members at Everything Dinosaur.  Every day we receive lots of positive comments and reviews from satisfied customers who have purchased dinosaur toys and games. The Google shopping rating is currently at 4.9 out of 5 giving us one of the highest ratings of any retailer in our field, we are justly proud of this fact.  For every order we send out in the UK we provide a FREEPOST envelope and a feedback form so customers can send in their comments and feedback to us.  We get about sixty percent of these feedback forms returned which is a very high percentage.

Some of the comments and feedback we have received from customers:

Bec the Great wrote about the Cuddlekins Pachycephalosaurus:

“It’s nice that you can get an unusual dinosaur like Pachycephalosaurus as a couch toy. This dinosaur is really soft and really cute.  When people come to visit us even the big kids can’t keep their hands off him!  He makes a great mascot.”

Jenna commented on the huge range of dinosaur models Everything Dinosaur stocks:

“Nice to see a variety of models, not just the obvious ones available.  I am  very happy.”

Angel Gomez wanted to leave some feedback about the Natural History Museum Diplodocus dinosaur model:

“The dinosaurs are well designed. They look great.  In addition, the package includes dino’s information.  Unbeatable.”

The Natural History Museum Diplodocus Dinosaur Model
Natural History Museum Diplodocus.

Natural History Museum Diplodocus.

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur

It is always a pleasure to hear from our customers and every single letter, email, fax and feedback that requires a response receives a reply.  We greatly appreciate the feedback, comments and reviews provided by our customers.

To see the range of dinosaur themed toys and gifts available from Everything Dinosaur: Visit Everything Dinosaur.