A Review of the Encyclopedia of Dinosaurs

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The Encyclopedia of Dinosaurs

The Illustrated Encyclopedia of Dinosaurs, a hard-back book, an earlier Dougal Dixon collaboration was a must have book for many dinosaur fans both young and old.  This large volume has been updated and the format changed to produce a superb illustrated guide to Dinosauria in an inexpensive guide book.

This new encyclopedia provides detailed information on 270 different types of dinosaur and takes the reader through the Mesozoic in chronological order, starting with the first dinosaurs that appeared in the Triassic and ends of with the last types of dinosaurs.  The animals are illustrated with watercolour pictures and show the very latest in scientific thinking.

Encyclopedia of Dinosaurs

Dinosaur discoveries from all over the world are reported upon and interestingly for such an inexpensive book, a large amount of detail on each animal is included.  Pleasing to note that faunal stages are included within the main time periods, introducing readers to more of the vocabulary used by real palaeontologists.

Front Cover – The Encyclopedia of Dinosaurs

Picture credit: Manning Partnership

For each main dinosaur family, a number of genera are described and illustrated.  Readers are informed of fossil finds and their location, how the dinosaur was classified, the meaning of the name and who named the animal.  Plus there are lots of interesting and less well known facts on each type of dinosaur illustrated, certainly enough to inform and entertain the most knowledgeable of dinosaur buffs.

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The water colour illustrations are beautiful and a number of prehistoric scenes are included to give the reader a deeper insight into dinosaur based ecosystems.  The book is compact, about the size of a small telephone directory (160 pages long) and soft-backed making it much lighter and practical then its larger and heavier predecessor.

All in all a top quality dinosaur encyclopedia with an excellent range of dinosaurs featured and lots and lots of up to date information on recent dinosaur discoveries.  A great example of a dinosaur book for children.