Review of the Autumn Edition of Prehistoric Times #87

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Prehistoric Times Autumn 2008

It’s that time of year again when the latest edition of “Prehistoric Times”, the must have magazine for dinosaur and prehistoric animal model enthusiasts lands on the office door mat.

Prehistoric Times Magazine

In this edition of the quarterly magazine edited by Mike Fredericks, there are features on the “boneheads” of the Mesozoic the pachycephalosaurs, plus an examination of some of the best preserved mummified dinosaur remains and information on what these extraordinary finds can tell palaeontologists.

With all the news on research and the latest discoveries, this edition is packed full of useful information and informative articles – we particularly liked the articles on iguanodonts and those fearsome, but often overlooked beasts entelodonts.

Top artists and illustrators are once again featured, with one of our favourite palaeoartists John Sibbeck and his latest exhibition reported upon.  The Douglas Henderson interview provides an insight into the life and work of this incredibly dedicated and passionate illustrator.

The Autumn Edition of “Prehistoric Times” Magazine

Autumn 2008 issue.

Picture credit: Mike Fredericks

This magazine is in its fifteenth year of publication and continues to impress and inform.  If you want to keep up with the latest developments in palaeontology as well as learn all about the latest models and the market for dinosaur memorabilia, then “Prehistoric Times” is definitely the magazine for you.

Click on the picture of the 2008 magazine cover to visit the “Prehistoric Times” website.