Spot the Dinosaurs – Our Exclusive Calendar Quiz Answers

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Spot the Dinosaurs – Quiz Answers

On the last page of the Everything Dinosaur 2009 calendar,  a little quiz has been put together by our experts to see if young palaeontologists really know their dinosaurs, the quiz is called Spot the Dinosaurs.

Spot the Dinosaurs

Here are the answers:

Spot the Dinosaurs (Answers)

A, C, D, H, I, J, L = Dinosaurs

A = Stegosaurus (Dinosaur) Jurassic Period (plant-eater)

B = Sabre-toothed Cat (Mammal) Pleistocene (meat-eater)

C = Tyrannosaurus rex (Dinosaur) Cretaceous Period (meat-eater)

D = Brachiosaurus (Dinosaur) Jurassic Period (plant-eater)

E = Elasmosaurus (Marine Reptile) Cretaceous Period (fish-eater)

F = Dimetrodon (Mammal-like Reptile) Permian Period (meat-eater)

G = Pteranodon (Flying Reptile) Cretaceous Period (fish-eater)

H = Triceratops (Dinosaur) Cretaceous Period (plant-eater)

I  = Ankylosaurus (Dinosaur) Cretaceous Period (plant-eater)

J = Deinonychus (Dinosaur) Cretaceous Period (meat-eater)

K = Ichthyosaurus (Marine Reptile) Jurassic Period (fish-eater)

L = Allosaurus (Dinosaur) Jurassic Period (meat-eater)

If you got them all right – congratulations!  Don’t worry if you did not get them all correct, the science of palaeontology is famous for examples of mistakes and errors being made.  With our view of prehistoric animals changing with each discovery of new fossils and the development of new research techniques, if you did not quite manage to spot the dinosaurs, there is no need to fret, you are in good company.

Better luck next time!

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