Important News About Last Safe Posting Dates for Christmas 2008

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Last Safe Posting Dates – Information from UK Royal Mail (Christmas 2008)

It’s that time of year again, with Christmas approaching Royal Mail have provided Everything Dinosaur with some guidelines over the last safe posting dates to help ensure gifts arrive in time for Christmas.

A Table Illustrating the Last Recommended Posting Dates for Christmas

Source: Royal Mail

For further information log onto the Royal Mail website.

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Tips to Help Everything Dinosaur

The staff at Everything Dinosaur do all they can to minimise any delays in sending out  customer’s parcels, to ensure your parcels arrive quickly here are some handy tips.

1). Remember to put your house number or house name on the address information.

2).  Check postcode or zip code details carefully.

3). Before pressing “submit” button to confirm an order, check delivery address details one last time.

If customers require further advice then please contact the helpful staff at Everything Dinosaur, they will do all they can to advise and assist.

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