Recently introduced and reintroduced Woolly Rhino models are compared by Everything Dinosaur. Mojo Fun recently added a replica of a Woolly Rhinoceros to their prehistoric animal model range. This year (2023) has also seen the return of the Papo Woolly Rhino model. The Papo Woolly Rhino was originally launched in 2013. It was retired, but this year it has made a return to production.

A pair of Woolly Rhino models.
A pair of Woolly Rhinoceros figures. The recently introduced Mojo Fun Woolly Rhino (front) and the reintroduced Papo Woolly Rhino (back). Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur.

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur

The figure in front is the Mojo Fun Woolly Rhino model.

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Photographing a Pair of Woolly Rhinos for a Customer

Team members had taken several photographs of these two Coelodonta models. A short YouTube video was also created that showed the two Woolly Rhinos and asked the question which one do you prefer?

An Everything Dinosaur customer requested that we show the two figures beside one another. We were happy to oblige and even posted up a short video on our social media platforms showing the two figures together.

A pair of Woolly Rhinos (Mojo Fun and Papo models).
The Papo Woolly Rhino model (front) is wider and has a more prominent hump than the Mojo Fun Woolly Rhino figure. Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur.

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur

The reintroduced Papo Woolly Rhino figure can be seen in front of the Mojo Fun Woolly Rhinoceros in the photograph (above).

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A Pair of Woolly Rhino Models

A spokesperson for the UK-based mail order company remarked:

“After our YouTube short went live, we received a request to show these figures beside each other. We were happy to oblige and even recorded a short video to highlight the differences between these two Woolly Rhinos.”

Team members try their best to respond to customer requests. Our thanks to everyone who has posted up comments about these two Woolly Rhino figures on Everything Dinosaur’s social media pages.

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