Team members at Everything Dinosaur have prepared a Gallimimus scale drawing as they await the arrival of new for 2023 Schleich dinosaur figures. Five new dinosaur models are expected, namely, Tarbosaurus, Monolophosaurus, Edmontosaurus, the armoured dinosaur Gastonia and the ornithomimid Gallimimus.

Gallimimus scale drawing.
A Gallimimus scale drawing. Team members prepare for the arrival of the new Schleich Gallimimus dinosaur model by commissioning a Gallimimus scale drawing. Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur.

Schleich Dinosaur Models

A spokesperson for Everything Dinosaur explained that these new for 2023 Schleich dinosaur models were due to arrive at the company’s warehouse shortly. Everything Dinosaur already has fact sheets for the Tarbosaurus, Monolophosaurus, Edmontosaurus and Gastonia figures.

The new for 2023 Schleich dinosaur models.
The new for 2023 Schleich dinosaur models. Tarbosaurus (top left), Monolophosaurus (top right). Bottom row Gallimimus (left), Edmontosaurus (centre) and Gastonia (right).

Gallimimus Scale Drawing

The scale drawing will provide a visual representation of the size of Gallimimus (G. bullatus). It is known from several complete skeletons and skulls representing juveniles to fully-grown adults. The fleet-footed dinosaur (although with shorter hind legs, it was probably not as swift a runner as smaller ornithomimids such as Struthiomimus or Sinornithomimus), will be in stock at Everything Dinosaur in a few days.

Gallimimus is estimated to have measured up to six metres long, it stood two metres tall at the hip and palaeontologists estimate that it weighed around 450 kilograms.

Schleich Gallimimus dinosaur model.
The Schleich Gallimimus dinosaur model.

To view the range of Schleich models in stock and available from Everything Dinosaur: Prehistoric Animal Figures and Dinosaur Models (Schleich).