Everything Dinosaur has resumed the despatch of International Standard Airmail (untracked parcels) from today (6th February 2023). A cyber incident at Royal Mail had resulted in the suspension of many international mail services from the UK. Over the last few days, Royal Mail has been implementing solutions and international standard airmail parcels can now be despatched.

All international orders from Everything Dinosaur can now be sent out.

Royal Mail and Everything Dinosaur
Everything Dinosaur team members have taken steps to help minimise disruption for customers. All international orders can now be despatched. Overseas deliveries of parcels will be subject to delays as the mail network clears the backlog. Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur.

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur

Royal Mail Statement

On Friday (3rd of February) Royal Mail issued a statement updating Everything Dinosaur on the progress that had been made to resolve this issue.

The Royal Mail Statement

“We continue to make progress in exporting an increasing number of items to a growing number of international destinations. We are using alternative solutions and systems, which are not affected by the recent cyber incident and have been successfully despatching parcels and letters which were in our network before the cyber incident and our services which have recently reopened. As a result of this progress and the continuing growth in capability of our alternative export solutions we have announced the restoration of many international export services.”

Everything Dinosaur

A spokesperson from Everything Dinosaur confirmed that team members had prepared some international standard airmail parcels for despatch on Friday evening (3rd February) with the remaining parcels, some of which had been delayed since this incident was first reported in the middle of January, being made ready for despatch today.

To read more about Everything Dinosaur’s shipping policy: Shipping Policy.

All customers whose parcels had been affected have been emailed to confirm that their order will be sent out.

The Everything Dinosaur spokesperson stated:

“We have put into operation contingency plans that have helped us to ensure that parcels could be sent overseas as soon as we had Royal Mail’s permission to do so. We would like to take this opportunity to apologise to that small minority of our customers who have been affected by the Royal Mail delays.”

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