Time to praise CollectA for adding some superb replicas of prehistoric cephalopods to the “Prehistoric Life” model collection including a Pleuroceras ammonite, a nautilus and a Cooperoceras replica.

A trio of CollectA cephalopod models.
A terrific trio of CollectA cephalopod figures. The new for 2022 Palaeozoic nautiloid Cooperoceras (left), the Pleuroceras ammonite model (centre) and a replica of the extant Nautilus pompilius (right). Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur.

The picture (above) shows the bizarre Palaeozoic nautiloid Cooperoceras (left). The CollectA Pleuroceras ammonite (centre) a replica of a geographically widespread ammonite known from Lower Jurassic strata and on the right is a replica of the extant, chambered nautilus N. pompilius, which is distantly related to Cooperoceras.

Marvellous Molluscs

The Cephalopoda (cephalopods) are a class within the huge Mollusca phylum. The cephalopods which include extant squid, cuttlefish and octopi as well as extinct forms such as ammonites and indeed belemnites, only make up a small proportion of the genera within the Mollusca. The most successful molluscs in terms of the number of species and habitat range are the gastropods (slugs and snails). It has been calculated that more than three-quarters of all the molluscs known to science are members of the Gastropoda class. The Mollusca phylum is itself, the second largest phyla within the Kingdom Animalia (the largest being the Arthropoda).

Still, that is enough musing about invertebrate taxonomy for now, it is just great to be able to stock a fabulous selection of cephalopod models, including this trio of CollectA cephalopods.

CollectA Pleuroceras ammonite model.
CollectA Age of Dinosaurs Popular Size Pleuroceras ammonite model. One of several excellent replicas of extinct cephalopods in the CollectA “Prehistoric Life” model series.

CollectA Age of Dinosaurs “Prehistoric Life” Figures

A spokesperson from Everything Dinosaur praised CollectA for producing such a wide range of prehistoric animal figures. The cephalopod models have proved particularly popular with fossil collectors, they have been able to add a replica of the living animal to their fossil display cabinets.

To view the trio of CollectA cephalopods and the rest of the prehistoric animal models in the not-to-scale CollectA series: CollectA Prehistoric Life Models and Figures.

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