The Papo Megaloceros model was introduced in the autumn of 2020. A stunning model of the majestic member of the Cervidae, which is also referred to as the “giant elk” or the “Irish elk”, the Megaloceros was our favourite new Papo figure that year.

A Papo model fan from Hungary contacted Everything Dinosaur about this prehistoric animal.

The Papo Megaloceros Model
Papo Megaloceros model. This figure was one of six new models introduced by Papo in 2020 and the only prehistoric mammal. The models introduced by Papo in 2020 – a Giganotosaurus figure, Chilesaurus, Parasaurolophus and feathered Velociraptor (new colour variants) and a replica of the bone-headed dinosaur Stygimoloch.

Megaloceros – Official Fossil of the Year in Hungary

Our thanks to Valentin from Hungary who emailed Everything Dinosaur to confirm that his Papo Megaloceros model had arrived. It seems that Megaloceros has been declared the official fossil of the year for Hungary (2022). Despite being commonly referred to as the “Irish elk”, Megaloceros its range was not restricted to Ireland, nor was it related to the extant elk (Cervus canadensis) or indeed the modern Moose (Alces alces).

The Megaloceros genus had an extensive geographical range from China to Ireland and several species have been erected.

Papo Megaloceros model.
The new for 2020 Papo Megaloceros figure is looking very regal. Megaloceros has been declared the official fossil of the year (2022) in Hungary.

A Magnificent Ice Age Animal

Valentin emailed Everything Dinosaur stating:

“As far as I know, this is the only model made of this magnificent Ice Age animal – and what a beautiful one it is! The huge antlers of a male Megaloceros give him a really authoritative, majestic appearance, which is perfectly reproduced by this figure. The only thing I would have to complain about is the painting (the brown colour of the hump above his shoulders seemed a little unnatural to me), but apart from this minor flaw, it’s really beautiful. The giant deer became the official Fossil of the Year in Hungary in 2022, so it’s a perfect start to my collection! Totally recommended!”

Papo Megaloceros model.
The Papo Megaloceros figure.

Praise for Everything Dinosaur

Valentin praised Everything Dinosaur commenting:

“And to say a word or two about the delivery itself: my shipment arrived in a few days, fortunately completely intact! Shortly after placing my order, I received an email with a link that I could use to track my package. A good example to follow! Thank you very much, guys!”

Our thanks to Valentin for contacting Everything Dinosaur.

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