Team members at Everything Dinosaur have been looking at the new Nanmu Studio Mordred figures whilst they await details of CE and UKCA certification from the manufacturer. Today, we are posting up some pictures of these remarkable replicas sent to us by the clever design team at Nanmu Studio.

Nanmu Studio Mordred figures and fence accessory.
The four Nanmu Studio Mordred figures namely top left Mordred green with base and accessories – the deluxe version, (top, centre) Mordred green standard version. The Mordred red/black version is bottom left whilst bottom, centre is the red/black deluxe version with base and accessories. The fence accessory (sold separately) is also shown.

Nanmu Studio Mordred Figures

There are four figures to be offered, all produced in a single, one-time-only, limited production run. Nanmu Studio have also produced a fence accessory reminiscent of the security fences seen in the “Jurassic Park/Jurassic World” movie franchise. The Mordred portfolio consists of two colour variants both of which come in either the standard or a deluxe version that includes a display base and other accessories such as interchangeable horns, frills and spikes.

Nanmu Studio Mordred Portfolio

  • Nanmu Studio Mordred in green (172015)
  • Nanmu Studio Mordred in green deluxe version with display base and accessories (172015DX)
  • Nanmu Studio Mordred red/black (172008)
  • Nanmu Studio Mordred red/black deluxe version with base and accessories (172008DX)
Nanmu Studio Mordred (green colour variant)
The Nanmu Studio Mordred green colour variant. The Mordred models (green and red/black) measure around 43 cm long and stand around 20 cm high when not on the display base that comes with the deluxe versions.

Mordred Model Measurements

Each of the Nanmu Studio Mordred figures measures around 43 cm in length and they stand approximately 20 cm high. When placed on a display base the model will be slightly taller. Each figure has declared scale of 1:35.

Nanmu Studio Mordred (red and black).
The red and black colour version of the new for 2022 Nanmu Studio Mordred figure. The manufacturer’s product code for this Nanmu Studio model is 172008.

A spokesperson from Everything Dinosaur commented:

“These are intriguing figures, and it is fantastic to see the mix of fantasy and palaeontology that has been deployed by Nanmu Studio to create these superbly detailed creatures. They remind us of the “Ultimasaurus”, a chimera created via hybridisation and genetic manipulation that is part of the movie franchise and related spin-offs back story.”

Nanmu Studio green Mordred deluxe version.
The green colour variant Nanmu Studio Mordred figure with base (deluxe version – 172015DX).
Nanmu Studio Mordred (red and black colour version).
The manufacturer’s product code for this Nanmu Studio model: 172008DX.


The “Ultimasaurus”, sometimes referred to as “Ultimatesaurus” is an amalgam of several different famous dinosaurs, a mixture of theropods and ornithischians. It allegedly combined the armour of the herbivorous dinosaurs Triceratops, Stegosaurus and Ankylosaurus with traits associated with Velociraptors and tyrannosaurs, most notably T. rex.

The deluxe version of this figure is supplied with a display base along with interchangeable horns, spikes and other elements of the model’s dermal armour.

Mordred polystone base
The polystone base associated with the Nanmu Studio Mordred deluxe models.

The model will be made from a high grade of PVC whilst the display base will be formed from polystone.

Don’t Forget the Fence

Everything Dinosaur team members are also considering whether to import the security fence accessory that Nanmu Studio intend to manufacture. This fence accessory reminds us of the security fencing and barriers that formed the large dinosaur enclosures in the “Jurassic Park/Jurassic World” movie franchise.

Nanmu Studio Fence Accessory
The fence accessory from Nanmu Studio. The fence measures 35 cm long, stands 28 cm high and is around 8 cm wide. It represents a 1:35 scale model of the security fencing as seen in the “Jurassic Park/Jurassic World” movie franchise.

Your Opinions Please

What do you think of these figures from Nanmu Studio? Should Everything Dinosaur be stocking them? As always, we welcome feedback from our customers and blog readers.

To view the current range of Nanmu Studio prehistoric animal figures in stock at Everything Dinosaur: Nanmu Studio Models and Prehistoric Animal Figures.

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