A New PNSO Xinchuan the Sinraptor Dinosaur Model

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PNSO have announced that they will be adding a replica of a Sinraptor to their mid-size prehistoric animal model range. Everything Dinosaur have known about this new dinosaur model for some time and confirm that it will be in stock in just a few weeks.

PNSO Xinchuan the Sinraptor figure.
Sinraptor dongi was formally named and described in 1994. The species name is in honour of the eminent Professor Dong Zhiming, one of China’s most celebrated palaeontologists.

A Chinese Theropod Dinosaur

Sinraptor (S. dongi) was named and scientifically described in 1994. The genus name translates as “Robber from China”, so it is highly appropriate for PNSO to add a replica of this Jurassic predator to their already extensive mid-size model range. The specific or trivial name honours the eminent Chinese palaeontologist Professor Dong Zhiming. Although it has the term “raptor” included in the genus name, it was not related to “raptors” (dromaeosaurs). It has been classified as a member of the Carnosauria clade, specifically a member of the Allosauroidea and within this superfamily it is defined as a metriacanthosaurid and thought to be closely related to another Chinese taxon Yangchuanosaurus.

PNSO Sinraptor dinosaur model
The stunning PNSO Xinchuan the Sinraptor dinosaur model.

PNSO Xinchuan the Sinraptor Model Measurements

This new for 2022 dinosaur model measures 21.6 cm in length and the model stands around 8.3 cm tall. PNSO do not declare a scale for their mid-size models, however, team members estimate a scale of 1:35 based on the original size estimates given for the holotype specimen.

PNSO Xinchuan the Sinraptor model measurements.
Xinchuan the Sinraptor model measures 21.6 cm long and the figure stands around 8.3 cm high.

Posters, Full-colour Booklet and an Articulated Jaw

The Sinraptor figure is supplied with a transparent, plastic support stand, a full-colour, 64-page illustrated booklet and a poster that highlights the palaeoart of Zhao Chuang. This superb dinosaur model also has an articulated lower jaw.

PNSO Sinraptor dinosaur model.
The PNSO Sinraptor model is supplied with a clear, plastic support stand and comes with posters and a 64-page, fully illustrated booklet.
PNSO Xinchuan Sinraptor model has an articulated lower jaw.
Sinraptor has been classified as a member of the allosauroid group of theropod dinosaurs, specifically it has been classified as a member of the Metriacanthosauridae. The PNSO Xinchuan Sinraptor model has an articulated lower jaw.

Available from Everything Dinosaur in Just a Few Weeks

A spokesperson from Everything Dinosaur commented:

“We had known about this model for several months, as a result, we arranged to bring stock of this figure in with our next shipment of PNSO figures. We expect to have the Sinraptor model in stock along with Fergus the Acrocanthosaurus replica in just a few weeks.”

PNSO Sinraptor dinosaur model
The PNSO Xinchuan Sinraptor dinosaur model in lateral view.

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