A Beautiful Balloon Dinosaur

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What do you give a team member at Everything Dinosaur as a thank you gift for their help and assistance? A balloon dinosaur of course! We received a little thank you gift, a little token of appreciation after we provided assistance. This was a very kind, it was a lovely gesture, but we were just doing our job and trying to help where we could.

Balloon dinosaur given to Everything Dinosaur.
The dinosaur balloon given to an Everything Dinosaur team member, we appreciate the kind gesture and we are grateful to receive a green tyrannosaur in balloon form.

Our little green dinosaur is currently keeping us company in the office. The balloon Tyrannosaurus rex is keeping an eye on us as we prepare articles for the Everything Dinosaur blog and get the paperwork completed so that we can pack orders for Everything Dinosaur customers.

Balloon dinosaur.
A close-up of the fearsome looking balloon Tyrannosaurus rex that was given to Everything Dinosaur. The balloon dinosaur is in our office keeping us company as we write articles for the Everything Dinosaur blog and complete paperwork prior to packing orders for customers.