William Reviews the New Eofauna Diplodocus carnegii Model

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Our thanks to dinosaur fan and model collector William who sent into Everything Dinosaur a review of the new for 2022 Eofauna Scientific Research Diplodocus carnegii model. William commented that the model arrived within 24-hours of placing the order and it was perfectly and expertly wrapped, being supplied in a strong cardboard box to protect the model in transit.

Eofauna Diplodocus carnegii model with information card
The new for 2022 Eofauna Diplodocus carnegii dinosaur model is supplied with a beautifully illustrated collector’s card. Everything Dinosaur team members helped with the hang tag and labelling for the new Eofauna Diplodocus.

The Second Sauropod from Eofauna Scientific Research

In William’s review he pointed out that the Diplodocus carnegii model was the second sauropod figure to be released by Eofauna following the introduction of their Atlasaurus figure in 2019. He praises the typically small diplodocid head, highlights the skin wrinkles and suggests that some palaeontologists think that sauropods had beaked lips to help them shear vegetation. William states that the beak keratin on the model is painted black which contrasts nicely with the inside of the mouth which is painted pink.

He highlights the dermal spines and comments upon the dermal bumps that are depicted over the large body.

Eofauna Diplodocus scale model
The Eofauna Diplodocus carnegii model measures around 60 cm in length and stands 11 cm tall. It is a 1/40th scale model.

A Terrific Torso

The reviewer reflects on the scientifically accurate sculpt of D. carnegii, from the finely rendered legs with the toenails well painted, including the more prominent inner toe claw on all four, compact, sturdy feet (digit I). William states that:

Never will you see such a long model from the tip of the neck to the end of its deadly tail tip.”

The complex colour scheme complete with its counter shading is discussed in William’s review and he praises the design team at Eofauna for their depiction of this iconic dinosaur.

William added:

“When you view the model from a side profile you see a pleasing, warm, earthy palette of hues just right for this Dippy.”

Eofauna Diplodocus and Konobelodon.
The Eofauna Diplodocus (top) and the Eofauna Konobelodon (bottom) with their fact sheets. Two new figures for 2022 with their accompanying Everything Dinosaur fact sheets.

The reviewer comments that this figure is in 1/40th scale and measures between 24 and 25 inches in length and stands around 4 inches tall. He explains that this Diplodocus species is associated with the Morrison Formation (Upper Jurassic).

Diplodocus Biography

In concluding his review, William kindly provided some additional notes about this remarkable sauropod genus. Explaining that the genus was erected by the American palaeontologist Othniel Charles Marsh in 1878.

Weight: 15-20 Tonnes.
Height: 16 feet high at the hip.
Length: 88 feet.
Neck length: 20-21 feet.

Ending his model review William kindly praised Everything Dinosaur stating:

“May I take a moment and thank the entire team of Everything Dinosaur.”

He is excited about future model introductions and is looking forward to hearing news of 2023 model releases from Eofauna Scientific Research.

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