New Eofauna Models Arrive

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The new Eofauna prehistoric animal models have arrived in stock at Everything Dinosaur. The two new additions to the exciting Eofauna range are a 1:40 scale model of Diplodocus (D. carnegii) and a 1:35 scale model of the prehistoric elephant Konobelodon (K. atticus).

Eofauna Diplodocus and Konobelodon.
The Eofauna Diplodocus (top) and the Eofauna Konobelodon (bottom) with their fact sheets. Everything Dinosaur team members research and write a fact sheet for almost all of the named prehistoric animal models they sell. The fact sheet is included in the product parcel which is then despatched to customers.

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Eofauna Scientific Research Diplodocus carnegii

The Eofauna Scientific Research Diplodocus carnegii replica is one of the most eagerly anticipated prehistoric animal models to be released this year (2022). It is a detailed 1:40 scale representation of an iconic sauropod, which roamed North America in the Late Jurassic.

Eofauna Diplodocus carnegii model with information card
The new for 2022 Eofauna Diplodocus carnegii dinosaur model is supplied with a beautifully illustrated collector’s card. Everything Dinosaur team members helped with the hang tag and labelling for the new Eofauna Diplodocus.

Team members at Everything Dinosaur helped with the hang tag and labelling for this new Eofauna dinosaur model. The Eofauna Diplodocus is a substantial size, it measures around 62 cm in length and the head is around 11 cm off the ground.

Eofauna Diplodocus carnegii dinosaur model
It’s not a cricket bat! This is the product packaging that protects the new for 2022 Eofauna Scientific Research Diplodocus carnegii dinosaur model. The photograph provides a visual demonstration as to the size of this new for 2022 dinosaur model.

Eofauna Scientific Research Konobelodon atticus

The researchers behind the Eofauna brand have produced several scientific papers on ancient members of the diverse and temporally extensive Proboscidea. Their latest offering is a fabulous replica of a member of the Amebelodontinae subfamily – Konobelodon atticus.

Eofauna Konobelodon atticus
The new for 2022 Eofauna Konobelodon atticus model is supplied with a data card and Everything Dinosaur will also provide a product fact sheet with sales of this figure.

The Konobelodon joins other prehistoric elephant models in the Eofauna range including Deinotherium, Steppe Mammoth and a Straight-tusked elephant (Palaeoloxodon antiquus). The Eofauna Scientific Research Konobelodon model has a declared scale of 1:35, the figure measures 23 cm long and stands around 11 cm high.

Eofauna Models

A spokesperson from Everything Dinosaur commented:

“We are delighted to welcome into stock the Konobelodon and Diplodocus figures. There are the eighth and ninth models respectively in what is a growing range of Eofauna replicas.”

To view the new Eofauna Diplodocus and Konobelodon models plus the rest of the Eofauna range in stock at Everything Dinosaur: Eofauna Scientific Research Models.