Our congratulations to collector and model maker Hugh who sent into Everything Dinosaur a picture of the base that he had made for his recently acquired Nanmu Studio Brachiosaurus “Watchman” figure.

The recently introduced Nanmu Studio Jurassic Series Brachiosaurus figures are very impressive dinosaur models. With a head height of around 43 cm, these imposing sauropods tend to dominate collector’s display cabinets, Hugh has customised his model providing it with a unique, skilfully created base, complete with footprint impressions and vegetation.

Nanmu Studio Brachiosaurus with base.
The talented dinosaur fan and model collector Hugh has created an impressive display base for his recently acquired equally impressive Nanmu Studio Jurassic Series Brachiosaurus “Watchman” figure.

Nanmu Studio Jurassic Series Brachiosaurus

As well as making a display base for the Nanmu Studio Jurassic Series Brachiosaurus, talented model maker Hugh has created bases for other figures in his collection, such as Eofauna prehistoric elephants and the Rebor 1/11th scale gorilla replica, which Hugh used to create his own personal tribute to the movie monster “King Kong”.

Rebor Gorilla figure on display
Model maker Hugh has given his Rebor Gorilla figure a well-proportioned display base. The plinth works well with the gorilla model and the dinosaur skull is an additional feature that provides a sense of scale to the cleverly composed piece.

A spokesperson from Everything Dinosaur commented:

“We are extremely impressed with Hugh’s work. We enjoy looking at the pictures of model collections submitted by our customers and we have been most impressed with the display bases that Hugh has designed and created for his figures. We congratulate him, the display figures that he has created have provided him with a unique model collection.”

Nanmu Studio Brachiosaurus models feature in customer newsletter
The two Nanmu Studio Jurassic Series Brachiosaurus dinosaur models featured in a recent Everything Dinosaur customer newsletter. The Watchman figure in grey (left) and the Watchman with the brown colouration (right).

To view the Nanmu Studio Jurassic Series Brachiosaurus models and the rest of the figures in the excellent Nanmu Studio range: Nanmu Studio Jurassic Series Models and Figures.