Rebor have announced that they will be adding a new scale model of a Tyrannosaurus rex to their range. The figure called Tyrannosaurus rex “Kiss” Mountain colour version is expected to be in stock at Everything Dinosaur in the summer (2022).

Rebor Tyrannosaurus rex “KISS” Mountain
The new for 2022 Rebor T. rex “Kiss” 1:35 scale dinosaur model figure in the mountain colour variant.

Many Years of T. rex Model Production

The first figures that Rebor put into production back in 2014 were members of the superfamily Tyrannosauroidea. Firstly, there was a replica of Yutyrannus huali (Y-REX) and this was followed shortly afterwards by the launch of the iconic Rebor Tyrannosaurus rex (King T. rex) model.

The latest tyrannosaur incarnation to come out of the Rebor design studio is the Rebor Tyrannosaurus rex “Kiss”, the mountain version.

Rebor "Kiss" T. rex figure (mountain version).
The Rebor 1:35 scale tyrannosaur figure “Kiss”, the mountain version in lateral view.

The Mountain Version Model Measurements

Rebor have been keen to maintain their standard 1:35 scale for this new tyrannosaur. The new for 2022 Rebor Tyrannosaurus rex “KISS” Mountain version measures around 40.5 cm in length and that beautifully detailed, sculpted head stands some 14 cm high. The figure should display well with other Rebor tyrannosaur replicas as well as the recently introduced Rebor Saurophaganax maximus Notorious Big dinosaur models.

Rebor Tyrannosaurus rex “KISS” Mountain
The new for 2022 (expected in the summer), Rebor Tyrannosaurus rex “Kiss” in the mountain colour variant measures approximately 40.5 cm long and that magnificent head stands around 14 cm high.

Expected in Stock at Everything Dinosaur Late June/July 2022

A spokesperson from Everything Dinosaur explained that due to global shipping issues a firm date when this amazing T. rex figure would be in stock was difficult to provide at this time, but it was stated that the Rebor Tyrannosaurus rex “Kiss” Mountain version was likely to be in stock late June or July 2022.

The spokesperson added:

“This is a truly spectacular figure and we have already had lots of customers enquiring about it after images were released on social media. We are looking forward to adding the Rebor Tyrannosaurus rex “Kiss” Mountain version to the range of Rebor models and figures we stock.”

Rebor "Kiss" T. rex in the mountain colour scheme (dorsal view).
A dorsal view of the superb, Rebor Tyrannosaurus rex “Kiss” in the mountain colour scheme. The model has been superbly painted.

Join the Product Waitlist or Email Everything Dinosaur to Receive a Priority In Stock Notification

Customers can either join the waitlist for this exciting new Rebor model by visiting the Rebor section of the award-winning Everything Dinosaur website: Join the Waitlist for “Kiss” on the Rebor Section of the Website.

Alternatively, they can send an email to Everything Dinosaur asking to be notified when this new Rebor T. rex figure is in stock: Email Everything Dinosaur to Join Priority Waitlist for “Kiss”.

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