The latest product video showcase has been posted up on Everything Dinosaur’s YouTube channel and in this short video, it is the new for 2022 Schleich Styracosaurus dinosaur model that has been put into the spotlight.

Team members at Everything Dinosaur have embarked on a project to embed short videos highlighting some of the prehistoric animal models that they sell into the award-winning company’s website. The aim of a video showcase is to help customers to make an informed purchase decision when choosing a figure.

The Everything Dinosaur Schleich Styracosaurus Video Showcase

The Schleich Styracosaurus Dinosaur Model

The Schleich Styracosaurus is one of five new for 2022 prehistoric animal releases recently announced by the German manufacturer. Everything Dinosaur has already posted up three short videos highlighting models, namely the Majungasaurus, the Parasaurolophus and the marine reptile figure – Nothosaurus.

The Schleich Styracosaurus video follows a similar format. The video lasts under forty-five seconds and shows the dinosaur model revolving on a turntable. Viewers get the chance to see the figure from various angles. Model measurements are given and a pronunciation guide is provided.

 Schleich Styracosaurus video showcase.
The new for 2022 Schleich Styracosaurus dinosaur model is the latest prehistoric animal figure stocked by Everything Dinosaur to be given a video showcase.

A spokesperson for the UK-based, mail order company stated:

“The Styracosaurus dinosaur model is our favourite of the new Schleich prehistoric animal model releases. We are delighted to have been able to produce a short video highlighting this figure. We hope this video showcase proves helpful to potential purchasers.”

Schleich Styracosaurus dinosaur model
The Schleich Styracosaurus dinosaur model shown in oblique anterior view.

Testing Product Videos on Everything Dinosaur’s Beta Site

The spokesperson from Everything Dinosaur explained that the company was working with developers and technicians to perfect the look and positioning of the new video showcases on Everything Dinosaur’s beta site. When all tests and checks had been completed the plan is to introduce model videos on the company’s live site.

More short videos featuring dinosaurs were promised, including one for the new for 2022 Schleich Amargasaurus.

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