Preparing for the Eofauna Konobelodon Model

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Team members at Everything Dinosaur have been busy preparing for the arrival of the new for 2022, 1/35th scale prehistoric elephant model Konobelodon atticus from Eofauna. The model is expected to be in stock in the next few days and a free fact sheet has been prepared in readiness for the model’s arrival.

The K. atticus fact sheet will be included with sales of this prehistoric elephant model from Everything Dinosaur’s website. As part of the plans for the fact sheet, a scale drawing of this Miocene proboscidean was commissioned.

Konobelodon atticus scale drawing.
A scale drawing of the Late Miocene prehistoric elephant Konobelodon atticus.

Konobelodon atticus

A gigantic and derived amebelodontid that represents the final evolutionary stage of the European shovel-tusker clade. Konobelodon is characterised by enormous body size, dorso-ventrally flattened mandibular tusks and very large, straight upper tusks. Its proboscidean lineage is ancestral to the true elephants (Elephantidae), including modern, living elephants and their extinct relatives the mammoths.

Konobelodon model
Originally named in 1857, Konobelodon atticus has had a long and complicated taxonomic history. Previously assigned to the Amebelodon genus, Konobelodon was proposed as a sub-genus in 1990 (W. D. Lambert). Further revision led to the elevation of Konobelodon as a separate genus in 2014. Three species are known the Eurasian K. atticus (Wagner, 1857), K. britti from Florida (Lambert 1990) and K. robustus (Wang et al 2016) fossils of which come from the Linxia Basin of China.

A spokesperson from Everything Dinosaur commented:

“We are looking forward to the arrival of the Eofauna Konobelodon model. We are expecting this prehistoric animal model to arrive shortly along with the Eofauna Diplodocus carnegii replica, which is on the same shipment.”

Originally Named Mastodon atticus

A large, left maxilla (upper jawbone), that was described by the famous German palaeontologist and zoologist Johann Andreas Wagner led to the erection of the species Mastodon atticus, in 1857. Wagner believed that this prehistoric elephant, fossils of which were found in Greece, was closely related to other European fossil elephants that had been studied by the influential French anatomist Georges Cuvier, who first used the term “Mastodon” to describe fossil elephants in 1806.

Eofauna Konobelodon model
The Eofauna Scientific Research Konobelodon figure is in approximately 1:35 scale. The model measures 23 cm long and stands around 11 cm high.

To view the range of Eofauna Scientific Research models currently in stock at Everything Dinosaur: Eofauna Scientific Research Models.

Everything Dinosaur Update (28th February 2022)

Everything Dinosaur heard from Eofauna this morning (February 28th 2022), unfortunately, there has been a delay and the Konobelodon and new Diplodocus carnegii figures will be coming into stock three to four weeks later than anticipated. Eofauna and Everything Dinosaur apologise for this and we can assure customers who have asked to be alerted as soon as these figures arrive, that we will do all we can to expediate matters and once figures are in stock they will receive a priority email alert.