Rebor Deinosuchus “Estuary” Video Showcase

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Everything Dinosaur team members have produced a short video highlighting the features of the Rebor Deinosuchus model in the estuary colour scheme. The brief video, which is up on the company’s popular YouTube channel has been created so that potential customers can get a really good look at this limited-edition figure.

A spokesperson for the UK-based mail order company confirmed that they were planning to make more product showcase videos and to post them up onto Everything Dinosaur’s website.

The Everything Dinosaur video showcase featuring the Rebor Club Selection: Meta the Hatchling Deinosuchus – the estuary colour variant.

Highlighting the Deinosuchus Model

The product video showcase features the limited-edition Rebor Club Selection: Meta the Hatchling Deinosuchus in the estuary colour scheme. The short video (it lasts a little over forty seconds), provides information on the number of replicas made, the model’s measurements and highlights the packaging as well as the unique product number located on the base of the Deinosuchus figure.

Rebor Meta the hatchling Deinosuchus model (Estuary Variant0
The Rebor Club Selection: Meta the hatchling Deinosuchus is about to leave its egg! It’s very keen to get to the safety of the water. The Deinosuchus in the estuary colour scheme features in an Everything Dinosaur product showcase video.

Collecting Collectable Crocodilian Figures

The Rebor Deinosuchus replica in the estuary colour variant is one of two versions that have been manufactured. The other replica is the swamp version, which will feature in a forthcoming Everything Dinosaur product video showcase. Both limited-edition figures are highly collectable and when current stocks are sold, these models will not be put back into production.

Rebor Club Selection Deinosuchus figures
The Rebor Club Selection Deinosuchus figures – the box contents. The limited-edition Estuary variant (right) and the limited-edition Swamp variant (left). Once current stocks are sold there are no plans to make any more of these crocodilian figures.

As with the swamp colour variant, Everything Dinosaur team members will include a free Deinosuchus fact sheet with sales of this excellent figure from the company’s website.

A spokesperson from Everything Dinosaur stated:

“This is the first Rebor Deinosuchus Club Selection product video showcase, the YouTube video featuring the other version, the swamp variant will be posted up onto Everything Dinosaur’s YouTube channel in a few days. Over the last few weeks, we have made several product video showcases that highlight Rebor models including the recently introduced Smilodon populator figures. Whilst we are unable to put up videos of every single item in the Rebor range we hope that the short videos that we have made provide customers with more information and allow them to appreciate the excellent quality of the models within this particular product portfolio.”

To view the range of Rebor models in stock at Everything Dinosaur: Rebor Models and Figures.