Safari Ltd Dino Dana Feathered T. rex Video Showcase

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As part of the company’s on-going project to provide more information to customers about the prehistoric animal models and figures stocked, Everything Dinosaur has produced a short video showcasing the Safari Ltd Dino Dana feathered T. rex dinosaur model.

This is the first Safari Ltd prehistoric world dinosaur replica to be featured in a video showcase, a spokesperson from Everything Dinosaur confirmed that there were plans in place to include new for 2022 Safari Ltd models in this YouTube video project.

The Safari Ltd Dino Dana Feathered T. rex dinosaur model is the first Safari Ltd prehistoric animal model to feature in Everything Dinosaur’s video showcase project. A spokesperson from the UK-based company confirmed that there were plans to produce more product video showcases and that Everything Dinosaur intended to feature several Safari Ltd prehistoric animals including new figures such as the recently announced Prehistoric World Patagotitan model.

Feathered T. rex Model Measurements and QR Code Details

The product showcase video lasts thirty-seven seconds. It permits potential customers and model fans to get a better look at the feathered Tyrannosaurus rex figure. The Dino Dana T. rex is shown on a turntable and as it turns, collectors can see the figure and gain a better appreciation of the model. Measurements are provided and details of the QR (quick response) code that can be found on the dinosaur’s hang tag given. Collectors can scan this code once they have downloaded an application to the mobile phone and interact with the figure.

Dino Dana feathered T. rex QR code.
Showing the QR (quick response) code on the Dino Dana feathered T. rex hang tag. Once an application has been downloaded the collector can scan the QR code and interact with this dinosaur model.
Dino Dana feathered T. rex video showcase.
The Dino Dana feathered T. rex video showcase titles.

Feathered T. rex Dinosaur Model

The Dino Dana television show was created by a Canadian production company (Sinking Ship Entertainment). It featured the adventures of girl that can bring prehistoric animals back to life. A total of fifty-two episodes and a feature-length film were made. The series merges live action sequences with computer generated animation. The television programme first aired in 2017, the same year that Safari Ltd introduced their feathered T. rex replica, a colour variant of which becoming the Dino Dana feathered T. rex.

Comparing two feathered T. rex dinosaur models.
The two Safari Ltd Tyrannosaurus rex models compared. The 2017 feathered T. rex release (top) and the Dino Dana colour variant (below).

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